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Amutorch E3 3000 Lumens compact EDC flashlight

A small body with a very powerful output, the new E3 from Amutorch is packed with power in a small form factor body.

It features a choice of daily or infinite variable power options, with a top level of 3000 lumens down to a low of 10 lumens. Range is rated to 308 metres (3000lm)

Battery power is by a high capacity 21700 rechargeable Li-ion cell (5000mAh), with a run time up to an impressive 240 hours (low mode 10 lumens)

The body design is made from a single piece of aerospace grade aluminum alloy, giving improved thermal management, and a more rugged feel. Head grooves also help to dissipate the heat generated for longer run times.

It’s ben rated to IPX7, with a waterproof test of 1 metre, and impact resistance of 1 metre too

This small size flashlight can fit into any pocket or bag, it’s a mere 95mm x29mm x 25.4mm (length x head x body diameter) and a weight of just 62g (without battery)

3 SST20 LEDs with choice of stepped or step-less output

Tripled Luminus SST20 LEDs give a powerful and wide beam, with a mixed pattern which can still reach up to 308 metres in Turbo (3000lm), but also enough spill to light up wider areas and when used closer up. Strobe is also here for emergency use or for self defence.


Daily mode gives 4 preset levels, with the Inifinite variable option giving you finer control over the output of the flashlight.

A single large size switch is easy to find, and has a shortcuts to Turbo, lets you quickly change modes, and it features a lock-out function too.

Amutorch E3: Key Features

  • Up to 3000 lumens power with a range of 308 metres
  • 3 Luminus SST20 LEDs with a mixed beam pattern
  • Choice of operation modes: Daily (stepped), or Infinite variable (step-less)
  • Strobe mode with simple UI and lock-out function
  • Ultra compact Size: 95mm x29mm x 25.4mm , weight 62g (no battery)
  • Powered via rechargeable large capacity 21700 Li-ion battery (5000mAh)
  • Run time up to 240 hours
  • IPX7 weather resistance with water submersible 1 metre. Drop test passed to 1 metre
  • Aluminum alloy body with hard HAIII coating, stainless steel bezel
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