Amutorch XT70: A High Power New 6000 Lumens Flashlight

Amutorch XT70: A High Power New 6000 Lumens Flashlight

All-new High Power Flashlight from Amutorch, this one has some really impressive output, yet remains very portable thanks to the design and form factor. There are some interesting features here, including a choice of stepped and infinite variable output.

With a powerful 6000 lumens beam it can also reach long distances of up to 1265 metres, and using the variable output can go down a lowest level of 40 lumens.

Deep head grooves help improve run times and extend use by improving thermal management.

It’s powered by 2 x 21700 rechargeable Li-ion batteries, these are in parallel and this doubles the effective capacity and run times. The XT70 can keep going for up to 60 hours at the lowest output of 40 lumens.

A type C charging port has up to 10W charging speed giving it speedy recharging of the two batteries accessories, this port is also fully waterproof.

Build quality is top end with a machined 304 stainless steel bezel, with the main body from aluminum alloy with heat treatment to resist marks and damage.

It’s rated to IP67 dust and water resistance, and is drop tested to 1 metre. This rugged flashlight can take some serious use, but it is also modest in size at 155mm x 63mm (head x body diameter) with a weight of 475g (with batteries).

Huge 6000 lumens output with a range of 1265 metres

In this model Amutorch are using a smooth deep reflector and Luminus SBT-90 G2 LED.

The powerful output of 6000 lumens is no question an impressive and useful, but it’s not just about raw power with the XT70, this flashlight also has some excellent long distance beam properties. At the top output it can reach up to 1265 metres distance,  but also has a wide range of output modes to suit all activities. Right down to 40 lumens and a choice of ramped or stepped modes.

A strobe mode is also present, this has a power level of 2000 lumens.The USB C charging port also features a charge LED indicator and capacity check (this uses the side switch with an LED under it). It’s clear and very easy to see.

Stepped or Variable output User Interface

With a choice of Stepped pre-set output modes, or the infinite variable mode. You can pick the one best suited for your needs. Stepped has the advantage of pre-set stages (in this case from 350 lumens up to Turbo of 6000 lumens) giving quick access to these levels. The variable gives a fine degree of control over the power, right down to the lowest 40 lumens up to the top output of 6000.

Side switch is large and well placed, and gives quick control over the flashlight. You can also lock it out to prevent accidental operation.

This solid well made flashlight has some excellent output and features, at a very affordable price point making it accessible for everyone.

Amutorch XT70 Key Features

> Powerful 6000 lumens output with a maximum range of up to 1265 metres
> Choice of stepped or stepless ramping modes (infinite in stepless)
> Luminus SBT-90 G2 LED with smooth deep reflector
> Hand held thrower, compact size of 155mm x 63mm (head x body diameter) weight of 475g (with batteries)
> Powered via 2 x 21700 rechargeable Li-ion batteries in parallel for increased capacity and run times
> Maximum run time up to 60 hours (40 lumens)
> Ergonomic grip for secure and comfortable hand holding
> Waterproof Type C charging port, up to 10W power with charge indicators in the side switch
> Simple UI with large side switch and lock out function
> Deep grooves in head for superior heat dissipation
> Tough aluminum alloy body with stainless steel bezel
> IP67 rated for dust and water resistance, with a drop test of 1 metre

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