Armytek Crystal Pro: All-new 7 functions in one portable compact headlamp

Armytek Crystal Pro: All-new 7 functions in one portable compact headlamp

This new headlamp from Armytek has 7 functions in one portable compact form factor.4 Light sources on this model. with a top output of 220 lumens it has many useful applications. With extended run times of up to 50 days at the lowest output.

It can be used as a headlamp, (and it comes with a high quality adjustable headband) thanks to it’s built in stainless steel clip it will also attach to a cap or bag. A strap is supplied so you can attach it to the front or back or a bicycle. This and it can be used as a front white light or rear red. With the build in sensors it can also work as a rear brake light with the red LED output.

Compact enough to fit to a keychain or ring, you can continuously run it from a power bank to use it as a long run lamp for working or around the house.

Flashing modes can draw attention to users wearing the light on a backpack, jacket or hat. For additional safey the lights are omnidirectional and can be seen from a wide range of angles. Up to 70-140 degrees with 4 built in LEDs.

It has a built in Li-ion battery which is rated to 600mAh, and is charged via a micro USB port (from flat to full in about 2 hours 50 minutes) A built in LED gives charging indication (red/green).

It’s IP67 rated for water submersion of up to 1 metre (for 30 minutes) and drop tested to 10 metres. It features a high quality body which is made from strong PC/Polycarbonate.

Compact in size you can carry it with you anywhere, it’s just 63mm x 43mm x 17.8mm (length x width x height), with a weight of 34g.

7 in 1 functions with a maximum output of 220 lumens

The crystal pro has multiple uses for end users. From a headlamp, EDC light, bicycle light, bicycle brake light, keychain light, lamp mode, and signal light.

6 White light modes and 7 red light modes, there are a total of 3 Red LEDs and One White LED. Output of the white ranges from 7-220 lumens, 30 lumens for red  (43lm in Red brake light mode using a 3D accelerometer sensor). White LED can reach up to 14 metres in range (red is around 4 metres).

Using a digital processor it can offer a large range of functions, making it an ideal option for users who might ride a bike or go hiking or as part of a survival/ED kit bag.

With 6 brightness levels for the White and Red, you have a wide range of outputs, but controlling the light is pure simplicity. With a large central switch you can press to cycle through the functions and modes. A memory is built into the light, and it features a lock-out function to prevent accidental operation.

It comes with a great kit including a Headband, Bicycle mount, Velcro mount tape, Lanyard/Strap, and use manual.

Armytek Crystal Pro Key features

> Multifunction 7 in 1 light with 4 LEDs (1 White, 3 Red) with a top output of up to 220 lumens (White LED)
> Multiple uses: headlamp, EDC light, bicycle light, bicycle brake light, keychain light, lamp mode, and signal light
> Glow in the dark body
> High capacity built in battery (600mAh) with micro USB charging port
> Bicycle brake function (with sensor to detect braking)
> Charge time 2 hours 50 minutes (can be powered continuously with power bank or USB adapter) Charge indication LEDs
> Includes headband, bike mounting kit and lanyard
> Compact size: 63mm x 43mm x 17.8mm (length x width x height), weight of 34g.
> Run time up to 50 days (lowest output White LED)
> Wide 70-140 degrees beam angle for improved visibility
> Easy UI with large central switch with mode memory and lock-out function
> Strong PC/Polycarbonate body, with iP67 water submersion, and dust resistance
> Drop tested to 10 metres

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