Armytek  Release Wizard C2 Pro Max LR 3 in 1 Headlamp 4150 lumens

Armytek Release Wizard C2 Pro Max LR 3 in 1 Headlamp 4150 lumens

This latest generation headlamp from Armytek is available in two variations, a Cool White with superior output and a longer range, or a Wamer White which has improved color reproduction with a slightly lower output.

Cool white can reach up to 4150 lumens, with the Warm White hitting 3870 lumens, both at the top Turbo level.

The LR means long range, and Armytek have improved the Wizard C2 Pro Max LR with enhanced range, up to 181/180 metres distance (Cool/Warm white). Previous C2 Pro Max was around 114 metres range, quite an improvement on the LR versions.

Powered via a high capacity 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery (5000mAh), it can also be powered via an 18650 battery, using the supplied 18650 adapter.It comes with a quality adjustable headband for a secure fit, with 180 degree rotation, and a rapid release silicone fastener.

Charged by Armytek’s magnetic charging system, using a USB port you can charge the headlamp from flat to full in around 5 hours and 20 minutes. With a 3 stage indicator built in (Red/Green or Orange to indicate power source too low).

Rating is to IP68 water and dust resistance, and can be used in all weather conditions (with water submersion up to 10 metres), with a drop test performance of 10 metres. This rugged headlamp can be used in the harshest conditions and provide long term reliable service.

It’s also possible to use it like a normal flashlight, with the included clip (fits 2 positions) and large side switch. An optional bike mount is available too (ABM-01). A magnetic base means you can attach it to metal surfaces as a working light.

A size of 121.5mm x 23.6mm x 34.4mm (length x body x head diameter), and a weight of 81g (no battery).

Two LEDs Cool or Warm White, with magnetic charging system

Offering 2 light outputs of Cool and Warm White, Armytek have covered all users needs. Those who require maxiumum output can select the Cooler White emitter, with users who prefer a warmer tint and higher CRI reproduction, can opt for the Warmer LED.

Cool white has a range of 45-4150 lumens, with the Warm white range of 42-3870 lumens in normal mode, both have a two firefly outputs down to 0.35lm.

With the range of up to 181 metres, it still have a very wide beam too, of 85 degrees, giving you both spread and distance combined.

Dual mode operations is possible a Simple/Advanced with either 6 or 10 modes available for ease of use or more demanding users.

Simple UI with the large side switch, this has battery level and temperature indicators under the switch with Green/Orange/Red LEDs.

Armytek Wizard C2 Pro Max LR Key Features

> Choice of Cool White or Warm White LEDs
> Up to 4150 lumens Turbo mode (3870 lumens Warm White)
> Top range of 181 metres, with wide 85 degree beam spill
> Choice of Simple or Advanced UI modes (6 or 10 outputs)
> Can be used as headlamp, flashlight or optional bike mount available (ABM-01)
> Compact size:  121.5mm x 23.6mm x 34.4mm (length x body x head diameter), and a weight of 81g (no cell)
> Strong removable clip fits in 2 positions
> Magnetic base
> Low battery warming (flashing main LED)
> Battery level/temperature indicator
> Magnetic USB charging system with charge level indicators
> Advanced thermal control, and battery protection (charge/discharge)
> Dust and water resistance rating of IP68, submerged up to 10 metres, with 10 metre drop teset
> Temperature tested -25 degrees to + 40 degrees
> High Aerospace grade aluminum alloy body, with anodised hard coating, tempered glass covers

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