BioLite AlpenGlow Mini Ultra Compact Camping Lantern

BioLite AlpenGlow Mini Ultra Compact Camping Lantern

A tiny ultra compact footprint on this new lantern from BioLite, makes is very portable and easy to carry with you in any bag or pack. Featuring warm white and RGB color LEDs for different light outputs.

There are 4 appealing colors with a Teal, Grey, Charcoal, and Red.

The built in versatile elasticated cord (bungee), lets you use it in 3 ways unhooking it to strap to a tent pole, a close loop for inside attachment to a tent loop, or around branches or other similar items outside. The locking mechanism means the cord is store in the top of the lantern securely.

Despite the small size the AlpenGlow Mini has a top output of 150 lumens, with a 1000mAh built in battery and a weigh of of just 98g.

Charging is via USB C and is around 3 hours from flat to full.

With the ChromaReal LED’s are designed to give a warmer more appealing tint and light color.

It’s made from premium materials and is designed to survive in difficult weather conditions, with it’s IPX4 rating it’s water resistant and durable.

Size is just 75mm x 51mm and under 100g in weight. It’s able to operate in temperatures of -20 degrees Celsius and up to 60 degrees Celsius.

Warm White and Color LEDs with an output up to 150 lumens

By using quality ChromaReal LED’s the light source is a warm and natural output, with excellent color reproduction. Power is up to 150 lumens and down to 5 lumens on low. Run times are quite good for such a small unit, with 40 hours on low and 5 hours on the high mode. It’s also useful around the house as it’s safe to use with no fire risk v normal candles.

It also has RGB output with various modes including a single color, and color cycle modes and a horizon one too. Ideal for a party or for relaxing late at night.

BioLite AlpenGlow Mini: Key Features

> Up to 150 lumens output with variable power/dimming mode
> Available in 4 colors
> RGB color output with various modes single, cycling color and horizon
> Built in elasticated cord for multiple ways to attach to poles/loops/branches
> ChromaReal LED’s for natural warm light output
> Simple UI with single button switch
> 4 stage battery level indicator
> 1000mAh battery with run time up to 40 hours on low mode (5 lumens)
> Compact size with low weight: 75mm x 51mm, 98g weight
> USB C charging with a charge time of 3 hours flat to full
> Premium materials with IPX4 water resistance rating

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