Black Diamond Orbiter 650 & 450 Camping Lanterns

Black Diamond Orbiter 650 & 450 Camping Lanterns

Two new models from well known maker Black Diamond, these bring two compact lanterns to the market with some useful features built into them. Two colors are available Ink Blue (650) and Desert Sage Green (450).

The 650 model has higher output of 650 lumens v 450 Lumens on the 450. It also features an integrated metal stand (which fold up around the body of the lantern when not in use). Another feature difference is the 650 has a higher capacity battery at 5200mAh, with the 450 being smaller at 2000mAh.

But there are many similarities too, both feature a metal top double hook for hanging, A dual button interface for ease of use, and a lock-out mode for safe transportation.

They also feature White LED light output for the main lantern, and RGB colors with strobe and flashing/solid modes providing the full color spectrum. Useful for adjusting the output to your needs or for fun.

IPX4 weather sealing ensures they can be used in all types of weather including harsh rain and storm conditions. Type C charging and power bank capabilities are built in.

Made with durable materials including engineering plastics and diffuser built in for wide and even light distribution. With 2 sizes available  you have a choice of which might suit your needs better, the 650 with it’s higher output and larger battery, or the more compact 450 model with a smaller size and greater portability. Weights are 272g for the 450 and 508g for the 650.

650 or 450 Lumens White or Color LED output, with power bank function

Each lantern has 3 levels of power from the main white LED.

650 ranges from low mode of 25 lumens, medium at 350 lumens and high of 650 lumens.

450 has a low of 25 lumens, medium or 250 lumens and a top output in high of 450 lumens.

With extended run times on both models, the 450 can run up to 120 hours and the 650 for 240 hours (both low 25 lumens).

The color mode can make for great entertainment or a party with static or flashing light modes.

Multi level charge indicators are on the body (4 stages) and a 6 level battery check from 1-100%.

The useful power bank can be used with the type C or USB A port, making a handy back up power source for a phone or other device.

Black Diamond Orbiter 650 & 450: Key Features

> Choice of 2 models 650 or 450
> Up to 650 lumens or 450 lumens output in the highest level (white LED)
> RGB color output with various modes static/flashing
> Simple UI with two button interface
> Multi stage battery check (6 levels) and charge indicators (4 levels)
> USB C charging with built in power bank function (Type C output and type A output)
> Light radius up to 17 metres (650) or 14 metres (450)
> Weight 450: 272g, 650 508g
> Type C charging port with support for quick charge, power bank function with type C and A ports
> High performance Li-ion battery built in 450 – 2000mAh, and 650 - 5200mAh
> 2 way hook on body models, 650 has a built in fold back metal stand
> Run time up to 240 hours (650 low 25 lumens)
> IPX4 Rated water resistant

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