Brintye Introduces PT16: All-new 2000 Powerful 600m Long Range Flashlight

Brintye Introduces PT16: All-new 2000 Powerful 600m Long Range Flashlight

This new flashlight from Brinyte combines a powerful 2000 lumens beam, with relatively small body size of just 159mm x 27mm x 39mm (length/body/head) and weight of 152g.

The PT16 2000 can reach over 600 metres, with it’s high candela beam (92500cd), it features 4 power levels, 2 strobe modes.

Powered by a high capacity 21700 battery, the flashlight features convenient USB C charging build into the body, with a battery level/charge indicator embedded into the side switch.

The body features plenty of grip thanks to the fine knurling pattern.A dual tail switch and side switch give rapid access to strobe and turbo modes, and make operation fast and simple.

Brinyte are using a high quality body material A6061-T6 aluminum alloy, resists damage and impacts and should provide many years of reliable service. And they have also ensured the weather resistance with an IP68 rating, with an impact/drop test of 1 metre.

Luminus LED with 2000 lumens output and a longer range beam

At the highest turbo output, the PT16 2000 has a blistering 2000 lumens power, and is able to throw as far as 600 metres (556yds). Three more power levels ensure an even spread of light for other applications and uses. A high level is rated to 820 lumens, a mid 130 lumens and lastly the low is 10 lumens. Two special modes are present, a strobe and SOS (Strobe 2000lm and SOS 120 lumens).

Run times can be as long as 280 hours (in the lowest moonlight mode of 10 lumens), which is around 10 days continuous use.

A superior body grip is present thanks to the well designed body with lots of grooves, this is a comfortable and secure hold on the flashlight. As with many tactical models, this one also comes with a strong clip, and the Tactical ring helps both grip and operation.

Dual Tail and Side Switch for excellent tactical operation

By using two tail switches and a side switch, you have rapid and convenient operation of the flashlight, with quick access to Turbo and Strobe modes. The buttons are also quite different in size and shame, with the main power button being rounder and larger. It’s easy to find the right one even with gloves on.

The side switch also has a multi stage battery level indicator. Every time you turn on the flashlight the LED which is built into the middle of the switch lights up for 5 seconds. It uses Green/Orange/Red and flashing Red to give you an accurate indication of the remaining power left. It is also used a a charge indicator too.

Built in type C charging port is both fast and convenient, and the supplied 21700 rechargeable battery is a high capacity of 5000mAh, extending the run times of the flashlight.

Using a heat treated aluminum alloy, it’s a HAIII type which resists marks and damage. Brinyte have drop tested it to 1 metre, and it’s rated to 2 metres submersion (IP68).

An excellent option for those who want a tactical style flashlight, with an extended range and the advantages of multiple switches for fast operation.

Brintye PT16 2000 Key Features

> 600 metre long range with a top output of 2000 lumens
High candela beam of 92500cd puches into the darkness at longer distances
4 power levels including a 2 strobe modes (Strobe and SOS)
Triple switches including dual tail tactical switches and a side one
Body size 159mm x 27mm x 39mm (length/body/head) weight 152g
Secure grip body with clip and tactical ring
High capacity 21700 rechargeable battery (5000mAh)
4 stage battery level built into the side switch, with charge indicator
Up to 280 hours run time (10 lumens)
HAIII anodized aluming body with a rated of IP68 weather resistance and drop tested to 1 metre
Type C charging port
Standard/Outdoor/Tactical bundles with options of additional weapon mounts and remote switches

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