Brinyte Release HL28 Artemis Triple Color Zoom Headlamp With Zoom Control

Brinyte Release HL28 Artemis Triple Color Zoom Headlamp With Zoom Control

The HL28 is a new zoomable model from Brinyte which has a unique 3 color control switch.

It is also possible to adjust the output with stepless dimming which lets the user adjust precisely the output they require. The head can also be angled up to 90 degrees and it features a magnetic charging system.

Powered via 2 high capacity 21700 rechargeable batteries (in the rear battery pack 5000mAh per cell). The headlamp can achieve long run times of up to 10 hours 40 minutes (green LED 150 lumens).

With a maximum beam distance of 530 metres with the White LED, and brightness of 220 lumens (spot) and 450 lumens (flood), you can spread the beam out of focus in for a longer distance view.

A high quality reflective headstrap, has a coiled cable design for comfort and flexibility.The headlamp is made from premium grade aluminum alloy which resists damage and marks, and is water resistant to IP66, and is drop tested to 1 metre.

Triple LED output with zoom control

By using a specially designed Fresnel lens, the HL28 can achieve a mix of flood and spot beam patters, yet maintain a uniform beam profile.

The white LED output reaches 450 lumens (flood) with a power of 220 lumens (spot), and an effective range in spot of 530 metres. Red has a top output of 180 lumens (flood) and 85 lumens (spot), range of 310 metres (spot), with Green hitting 150 lumens (flood) and 75 lumens (spot), this can also reach as far as 325 metres (spot).

Simply rotate the head to find the beam pattern you wish.The option to use different colors is useful for various applications. White light has a higher output and is able to reach further distances. Red is a popular choice to help preserve night vision abilities, and Green is often used for hunting, as many animals are unable to detect this light source (therefore you can remain unseen).

Rotary Knob/ Switch for stepless output control

Using the stepless control knob it is possible to pick a power output finely tuned to your needs, a range of 3-100% is possible. This is conveniently placed on the side of the headstrap and is within easy reach. This control also allows you to turn the headlamp On or Off.

Magnetic USB charging lets you recharge the power pack without having to remove the cells or expose any ports.

This model also features a smart battery level indicator. Using 4 green LEDs you can see clearly how far the charging has progressed, or by pressing the magnetic charging port, a 4 stage battery check is possible. You will never be left unsure of how much power you have left.

The HL28 is also made to endure difficult weather conditions with it is IP66 water resistance rating, and strong aluminum alloy body, is drop tested to 1 metre.

A great option for those who require a fine control over both the beam profile (spot/flood) and the power levels thanks to the stepless control. It’s an ideal offering for inspections, search and rescue operations, and hunting.

Brinyte HL28 Artemis Key Features

> 3 Color LED output (White/Red/Green) with up to 450 lumens output (flood) with a maximum range of 530m (spot 220 lumens)
Zoomable/Rotating head control for fine beam pattern adjustment (spot to floodlight)
Stepless control of power from 3-100% via the headband mounted rotary knob/switch
Rear mounted battery pack for balance and comfort
Powered via 2 x high capacity rechargeable 21700 batteries (5000mAh per cell, total 10,000mAh)
High quality headband with reflective panels/strips, and silicone pad
IP66 rated weather resistance, drop tested to 1 metre, durable aluminum alloy body
Magnetic USB charging system
Over discharge/charge/and temperature protection
Multi stage battery level indicator and  check (charging and test via the magnetic port)

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