Coast Introduces G55R: 3 Power Levels 1000 Lumens Pure Beam Focus Flashlight

Coast Introduces G55R: 3 Power Levels 1000 Lumens Pure Beam Focus Flashlight

A new compact model from Coast the G55R is a lightweight and pocket friendly flashlight with some useful practical features.

The first of those is the “twist focus” lens which lets you quickly move from floodlight to spotlight simply by rotating the head of the flashlight. Allowing you to pick a beam intensity that works for you.

G55R has 3 power levels a 1000 lumens top output, a medium of 460 lumens, and a low mode of 120 lumens. The beam range at the high mode of 1000 lumens can reach 208 metres. Run time is around 21 hours in low mode (120 lumens).

Another handy addition is the ability to run off two power sources, the ZX456 rechargeable battery, or 4 x AAA cells via the included adapter. You can also upgrade to a higher capacity ZX865 rechargeable battery (available as an extra), for longer run times and extra power.

The Coast is just 5.4” in length (13.7cm), and is rated to IP54 water resistance for use in all weather conditions, and features a premium high grade aluminum alloy body.

3 Power levels with Adjustable Focus  for precise beam control

At the highest output the coast can reach as far away as 208 metres (1000 lumens). Thanks to the patented “Pure Beam” special optical lens design, you can focus in for longer range use with the “Bulls-Eye” beam profile, or pull back and get a wide angle flood beam pattern which is ideal for use at closer distances, or when you need to have a more even beam output.

The head of the G55R can be twisted to change the focus, this also have a fine knurling pattern on it to ensure a good grip, and you can adjust this with a single hand. A versatile effective beam for many activities including work, camping, inspections, or general purpose.

Easy Operation with single tail switch & Dual power

Coast flashlights are always easy to use, and the G55R follows this trend. Using a single tail switch for On/Off, controlling the 3 power levels is simplicity. You can set your beam as you wish using the twist head.

The ability to use different power sources is a bonus, and one which many users will appreciate.

Included is a ZX456 rechargeable battery pack (USB C charging cable included), and you also have the option to use 4 X AAA cells as a secondary or back up power source (AAA batteries are not supplied). Or for users who require a longer run time and more power – you can purchase the higher capacity ZX865 battery pack.

Using an aluminum alloy body, it is both dust and water resistance to IP54 weather resistance (heavy rain/storms etc), ou can use this flashlight even in bad weather conditions, or in very dusty or dirty environments. The body has a quality knurling pattern which helps provide superior grip even in these extreme conditions, or if wearing gloves.

Coast G55R  Key Features

> 3 Power levels with a maximum output of 1000 lumens and a beam distance of 208m
“Pure Beam” lens design, with rotary focus adjustment from a floodlight to spotlight
Compact size ideal pocket carry: 5.4” in length (13.7cm)
Single tail cap switch for quick operation
Dual power: ZX456 rechargeable battery pack included or option to use 4 x AAA batteries (alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable)
USB-C charging (cable supplied)
Optional higher capacity ZX865 battery pack (not included)
Run times of 4.45 hours (medium 460 lumens) and 21 hours (low 120 lumens)
Premium grade aluminum alloy body, with IP54 dust and water resistance

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