Coast Introduces WLR10: Rechargeable 6870 lumens Dual Beam Work Light

Coast Introduces WLR10: Rechargeable 6870 lumens Dual Beam Work Light

This rugged and portable work light from coast is the latest addition to the every growing range from the company.

WLR10 has a top mounted fully articulating mounted light (360 degree rotation and 180 degree swivel), this has a twist focus lens built in, so you can adjust the beam angle and range quickly and easily. Being able to place the light where you want it is particularly useful when working, this new design achieves this goal.

The second light output below is a wide angle flood beam, lighting up a larger area with an even spread., with a powerful output of 6870 lumens on the flood light (with 2 additional lower levels) and 262 lumens on the swivel lighting. Independent switches allow control of each light source.

Two power sources are available, using the built in rechargeable battery (charging cable supplied) or via the mains supply. An easy to read battery level indicator, and the ability to use the worklight as a power bank are notable features. Run times are up to 15 hours on the Main light source lowest setting.

This tough well made unit is made to last with a high quality case material which is rated to IP54 dust and water resistance. This light can be used even in heavy rain/storm conditions. Thanks a dynamic adjustable handle it can be positioned as you require with ease and stability. ¼” tripod thread is also on the body for mounting if required. It’s fairly light too at just 2.22KG which includes the build in battery pack.

Main Flood Beam with 3 power levels and rotating “Focus” beam

The top power level of 6870 lumens is available on the main “floodlight” LED output, this wide beam covers a large area and evenly distributes the light to provide an excellent beam for working. Two additional levels are present a medium and low (3760lm and 2090lm). Range is up to 316 metres.

A fully articulating Swivel light has the ability to be moved into many different positions with 360 rotation and swivel of 180 degrees, you can move the light to where you want it. Power output is 262 lumens, with the additional ability to adjust the beam on this light using Coast’s “Twist Focus” design – being able to spread or focus the light is a huge bonus when using the light for work, as you can pinpoint areas to illuminate with greater intensity, and adjust the beam which is best suited to the task.

Power is supplied via the internal battery pack, and can last up to 15 hours (low, floodlight), or you can run the WLR10 via continuous power on AC/DC mains. A cover protects the USB ports (type C and type A), and you can also use the built in battery as a power bank for charging phones or other devices.

Charging indicator is also shown with solid red (charging) changing to solid green (charged). And features a 4 stage battery level display too.

Independent Switches for each light source

Large switches giving you individual control over the main floodlight and rotating light. Even wearing work gloves this is a very easy light to operate.

Due to the nature of a worklight, it needs to be durable enough to survive in all weather conditions. The WLR10 is built from the ground up to survive dust and water ingression – and knocks on the thick and durable case. Rated for IP54 weather resistance, is also meets the ANSI FL1 certification standards.

A dynamic lockable handle can be used to articulate it around so that is can act as a stand/foot to support the light preventing it from falling over.

You can also mount the light on a tripod with the ¼” thread (standard size for most tripods), letting you make a stable platform for the light.

Coast WLR10 Key Features:

> Main floodlight with 3 power levels and up to 6870 lumens output
360/180 degree articulating auxiliary mounted lamp with “Twist Focus” system to adjust the beam output (floodlight or spotlight)
Wide angle flood beam delivers even spread of light over a wide area with no dark ring effect
Up to 316 metres range
Weight 2.22KG
Run time of 15 hours (main floodlight low mode)
Dual Power source built in battery or mains power supply
Charging indicator with 4 level battery display
Power bank function
Large twin switches for independent control of light source
Dynamic dual handles can also be used as a base/stand
¼” tripod thread
Rated to IP54 dust/water resistance, with ANSI FL1 certification

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