Coast Launches GX30 Dual Power 2300 lumens flashlight

Coast Launches GX30 Dual Power 2300 lumens flashlight

A fine offering from Coast, the GX30 model has some interesting and useful features for users.

Firstly using a powerful LED it can push out an impressive 2300 lumens in Turbo mode, with a maximum range of 268 metres, with 3 lower power levels available.

Coast are using their special pure beam optical lens which helps create a smooth and even output at both floodlight and spotlight settings without the common issues that some models have such as uneven brightness or obvious and distracting artefacts.

Using dual power gives users a valuable back up to the ZX866 Zithion-X rechargeable power pack (not included, optional extra), or you can power it via 6 x AA batteries in the cartridge. A choice of alkaline or Ni-MH AA’s gives you even more flexility. You can carry additional cells with you to replenish the batteries.

Coast are using a tough ultra strong polymer handle with extensive sealing against water and dirt. It’s rated to IPX7 and can be submersed up to 1 metre in depth.

Size of the GX30 is 190.5mm x 48.26mm (length x bezel diameter), and a weight of 366g.

Adjustable “Pure Beam” output for a choice of spotlight or floodlight

The pure beam gives users a smooth even light distribution and the ability to have a more spread out floodlight, or a tighter spotlight beam pattern.

The top level of 2300 lumens is joined by a 1200 lumens high output, a 620 lumens medium, and lower 220 lumens for closer use or to preserve power. Run time are up to 30 hours on the low mode.

Adjusting this beam has never been easier. Using the intuitive “twist focus” at the flashlight head, lets you move the beam pattern precisely to your requirements.

The durable polymer body also has a high grip body with a strong texture for a great grip dry or wet. An anti roll tail cap design lets you attach a lanyard, and prevents rolling off flat surfaces.

A quality flashlight as you would expect from Coast with it’s extensive IPX7 sealing protects against water and dust... and impact damage, this is a great choice for users who want a dual source power flashlight, but offering the flexibility of a focus adjustable beam pattern. Ideal for work, home or camping, the GX30 is a superb offering for users wanting a quality performance flashlight at a competitive price point.

Coast GX30 Key Features

> 4 power levels with a top output of 2300 lumens, with a maximum range of 268 metres
> Pure beam adjustable focus, for a choice of floodlight or spotlight beams with even illumination
> Dual power sources:  ZX866 Zithion-X rechargeable power pack (optional extra) or powered via 6 x AA batteries (cartridge included)
> Can use Ni-MH rechargeable cells of Alkaline
> Twist focus mechanism
> Simple UI operation
> Size: 190.5mm x 48.26mm (length x bezel), weight of 366g
> Run time up to 30 hours (low mode 220 lumens)
> Tough polymer body with anti roll tail cap design
> IPX7 water and dust resistant, water submersion up to 1 metre, and a drop protection of
> Extra grip surface texture for secure hold in dry or wet conditions

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