Coast Launches The Longest Beam Range Flashlight - Coast TX22R

Coast Launches The Longest Beam Range Flashlight - Coast TX22R

This model from Coast has the longest beam range of any of their flashlights, and is capable of hitting an impressive 518 metres distance, at a top Turbo output of 5300 lumens.

Utilizing their “Slide Focus” system, the TX22R allows the operator to adjust the beam profile according to their needs, with a push/pull system you can modify the beam focus from a spot to a wide spread. No longer limited by a single beam type, the RX22R is equally well suited for many tasks thanks to this versatile beam shaping.

Power levels are in 4 stages, with a low of 130 lumens, and then in 540/2080 lumens (medium and high), up to the top level of 5300 lumens. At the low level, the Power flashlight can run for as long as 32 hours.

Dual power capable of using 6 x AA cells (not included), which uses an included battery cartridge, or a custom ZX965 ZITHION-X rechargeable battery (charging is via USB-C).

Coast have provided good weather resistance, with a rating of IP54 and a solid aluminum body backed up by a limited lifetime warranty. The TX22R is 26.3 cm long (10.3”) with a weight of 643g (22.7oz).

Floor or Spot Beam with 4 power levels and a range of 518 metres

By using their specially designed optical lens, in combination with the Slide Focus system, this model from Coast is one of their most versatile offerings. A long beam range of 518 metres is possible with the focus set to spot, and the Turbo mode of 5300 lumens. 3 other levels are on offer with lower output modes better suited to closer up activities.

Thanks to this variable beam pattern, this model from Coast is well suited for security/law enforcement, search and rescue and as an inspection flashlight.

By sliding back and forward you adjust the spread of the beam, but Coast have also included a “Beam lock” system, once you have the beam as you wish, simply twist the head to lock it into place, and it can only be moved again with a reverse twist on the head.

Side Switch with built in battery level indicator, dual power sources

A well positioned switch is near the head, it is recessed and has a large easy to find surface. This switch also has charging/power level indicator (green and red), so you can see the battery status or charging level.

Power is via the supplied ZX965 ZITHION rechargeable battery pack. In addition to this an AA battery adapter (supplied), which holds 6 AA 1.5V cells (cells not supplied). This gives you 2 ways to power the TX22R.

A dual USB C charging cable is included. It is possible to purchase additional power packs (ZX965), that feature a built in USB C charging port. With the split cable you can charge in the flashlight and the battery pack at the same time!

The TX22R is made to the high standards expected from Coast. With premium quality aluminum body, this has been designed for use in heavy rain and difficult conditions, and is rated to IP54 dust and water resistance.

Coast TX22R Key Features

> Slide Focus system with variable pattern beam from flood to spot
Maximum output of 5300 lumens (Turbo) with a range of 518 metres
4 Power levels with a run time of up to 32 hours (low mode 130 lumens)
Size: 26.3 cm long (10.3”) weight of 643g (22.7oz)
Dual power: ZX965 ZITHION rechargeable battery pack (supplied), 6 x AA 1.5V cells via adapter (adapter is supplied)
Special Optical lens provides an even flood beam, or tighter hot spot for long range
Beam lock system to prevent accidental movement the set beam spread/focus
Simple user interface with single side switch with built in charging/battery level indicator
High Grade Aluminum alloy body – with IP54 weather resistance
USB C charging port on flashlight
Dual USB C split charging cable, possible to charge in the flashlight and external power pack with type C charging port,at the same time. Never run out of power!
Coast limited lifetime warranty

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