Coast LHS500R 515 Lumens Rechargeable Headlamp

Coast LHS500R 515 Lumens Rechargeable Headlamp

 A compact and simple to operate headlamp from Coast, the LHS500R has a very slim and lightweight design, but features some useful features in including a triple beam with White, Red and Green outputs. 360 degree illumination is built into the headband and can be lit up in White, Red or Red flashing, making this a useful safety feature.

White is ideal for general use with range and clarity, with Red ideal for night vision or reducing glare and eye strain, with Green being the choice of trackers and trail hunters.

A built in premium quality Zithion rechargeable battery, is charged by using the USB-C port, quick and convenient. Run times are up to 20 hours (White Flood – Low mode 40 lumens).

Coast are using a quality silicone headband, which has anti flip properties, making it a solid choice for users with hard/safety hats, or general purpose.

It’s rated to IP67 dust and water resistant (submersion), and has a light weight body of only 138g (including the built in battery).

Three Beam LED outputs, 360 degree headband lighting, and a range of up to 109 metres

Using the White LED output you have a choice of floodlight or combination beams, giving a maximum level of 515 lumens and range of 109 metres (combination output) Flood gives a wide beam suitable for inspections, or larger area illumination, with a 350 lumen level and lower 40 lumens output. Red and Green also add to the appeal with additional lighting options, giving you a choice of light you want to use.

Triple switches are prominently placed on the top of the light, giving you direct access to the output level, beam type, and color. One switch is dedicated to storing your personal setting so that it can be recalled at any time.

Coast LHS500R: Key Features

> White, Red and Green outputs with a 360 degree illumination on the headband (White/Red or Flashing Red for headband)
> Dual optics for combination beam or floodlight output
> Choice of High/Low output levels
> 515 lumens maximum power, with range of 109 metres (Combination output)
> Built in Li-ion rechargeable battery
> USB-C charging
> Run time up to 20 hours (floodlight low mode 40 lm)
> Triple switch for simple operation, with user setting memory/recall on one switch
> Lightweight slim design with a weight of 138g
> IP67 Dust and Waterproof
> Premium anti slip silicone headband can be worm directly on head or on a safety helmet

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