Coast Polysteel 500R: Dual Beam Rugged Flashlight With Flood And Spot Beam Pattern

Coast Polysteel 500R: Dual Beam Rugged Flashlight With Flood And Spot Beam Pattern

Designed to withstand heavy use, the 500R from Coast is engineered using a stainless steel core and polymer body. This provides superior grip and wear resistance.

Unlike a normal flashlight with a fixed beam patter, the 500R has a flood and spot beam pattern, and the ability to combine both for a total output of 740 lumens and a range of 120 metres. You can also set the beam for floodlight in high or low, or the spotlight on it’s own (410 lumens with range of 126 metres).

Power is supplied via a supplied battery pack (COAST ZITHION-X® rechargeable lithium ion battery), or by using 4 x AAA 1.5V cells (with the supplied battery cartridge, AAA cells are not supplied). A runtime of up to 12 hours is possible (flood on low setting  200lm).

Coast have rated the 500R to IP67 dust and water resistance, and it is also drop proof. A quality made flashlight with a small and compact form factor.

Choice of Spot or Flood Beams with an output up to 740 lumens (both spot and flood)

Having the choice of beam pattern is very useful, a longer range spotlight can reach as far as 126 metres (410 lumens), and a flood option has two power levels a lower mode of 200 lumens (range of 21 metres), and a higher mode of 410 lumens (range of 30 metres). By combining both beams you get a mixed pattern with a total output of 740 lumens (120 metres range).

This makes the 500R a very useful addition as an EDC type flashlight, but well suited too for camping and inspections, thanks to the wider beam option.

Easy operation with large high quality tail switch

The high quality build coast are known for carries over to the tail cap switch. This switch is recessed to help prevent accidental operation, yet durable too with a high pressure spring mechanism.

It’s a simple flashlight to operate with this single switch.

Coast have also designed the body so that the tail cap prevents the flashlight from rolling around, this also includes a lanyard loop so you can attach a strap if required.

Dual power source means you can use the supplied Li-ion battery pack to power the 500R, and keep the AAA cartridge as a back up power source if needed.

The ZITHION-X® ZX456 rechargeable lithium ion battery, can be supplied with or without a charging port for easy charging.

Coast Polysteel 500R Key Features

> Dual beam with a choice of Flood/Spot or combined beam pattern
Output up to 740 lumens (combined beam) with a range of 120 metres (spot maximum range is 126 metres at 410 lumens)
Compact size with anti roll body design with port for lanyard attachment
Up to 12 hours run time (Flood/low mode)
Ideal pocket carry EDC flashlight or for use when camping
Dual power source (ZX456 rechargeable lithium ion battery) or 4 x AAA cells via the supplied battery cartridge
Large high quality tail cap switch
High grade polymer and stainless steel body, crush proof design
Rated to IP67 dust and water resistance drop tested

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