All-new Convoy 3X21D High power long range 7000 lumen flashlight

All-new Convoy 3X21D High power long range 7000 lumen flashlight

This new powerful flashlight from Convoy is both affordable but offers an impressive output capable of reaching far into the darkness.With a top output of 7000 lumens, it is capable of reaching as far as 1816 metres, with a candela of 825,000cd.

Using 3 x 21700 Li-ion cells, this common Li-ion battery have high capacity and can handle the currents needs to deliver a powerful beam. A ramping output lets you pick a level that suits the task at hand.

A type C charging port can reach fast charging speeds of up to 3 Amps, giving reduced charge times.

Convoy have increased the number of grooves just below the head to improve thermal heat management, by increasing the fins/grooves it creates a larger surface area and improves run times at higher power levels.

A well designed body has a removable handle, also made out of the same aluminum alloy as the main body. This can be unscrewed via the slotted bolt

Size of the 3X21D is 180mm x 90.5mm x 51.8mm (length x head x body diameter), and a weight of  617g (with the handle).

Huge 1816 metres beam range, with a variable power ramping UI

A smooth high quality reflector is able to reach an impressive 1816 metre distance, using the SBT90.2 LED, this has a color temperature of 5700K, and is a little closer to dayight them some cool white emitters.

Power levels range from the top headline lumens of 7000, right down to the moonlight mode (0.2% output which is around 14 lumens).

Convoy are using a ramping UI, this gives the user control over how much power they want or need for a specific task. And it also gives you useful shortcuts to settings with multiple presses of the side switch. For example 3 presses for strobe, a double press takes you directly to Turbo, and it has a tactical mode and mode memory, with a lock-out function.

Voltage readout on the cells is possible via a series of flashes and pauses, giving you an accurate indication of how much power is left.

Advanced thermal management helps to keep the flashlight and LED at optimal and safe running outputs.

3 x 21700 rechargeable Li-ion batteries can be charged in the flashlight via the USB C charging connection.

A glass hardened cover features anti reflective coatings for improved transmission of light, and the body material is made from hardened aluminum alloy with water and dust resistance.

This powerful flashlight offers excellent value for money from a well respected maker, and is sure to be a very popular model.

Convoy 3X21D Key Features

> SBT90.2 LED with an output of up to 7000 lumens
> Massive 1816 metre range with smooth deep reflector and a candela of 825,000cd
> Ramping UI with shortcuts to Turbo/Moonlight/Strobe and lock out modes and 4 modes giving user control over the power range. Also includes a tactical UI mode
> Removable aluminum alloy handle
> 5700K color temperature
> Takes 3 x 21700 rechargeable Li-ion batteries
> Deep head grooves for enhanced thermal performance
> Fine handle knurling anti slip design for ergonomic comfort
> Type C charging port with fast 3A 5V charging
> Low voltage warning with auto power off protection
> Size: 180mm x 90.5mm x 51.8mm with a weight of 617g
> Hardened glass lens cover with anti reflective coatings
> Aluminum alloy body with dust/water resistance

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