Cyansky Launches Hunter Multi Color 1800 lumens Long Range Flashlight

Cyansky Launches Hunter Multi Color 1800 lumens Long Range Flashlight

A powerful new flashlight from Cyansky, this model has some interesting features, and is going to appeal to users who want both multi color output and longer range beam. Making it perfect for hunting and general use.

The three LEDs feature a white designed for higher power/distance, which can reach 1800 lumens at the top level, and a distance of 818 metres range.

Red is rated to 65 lumens and ideal for use at closer distances  (range up to 245 meters).Lastly Green, this output can hit 350 lumens and a distance of 400 meters. All 3 outputs have power levels including an ultra low Eco mode.

With it’s clever “Twist” mechanism, you can simply rotate the head to pick the White/Red/Green output modes. It’s fast and simple to do. Optional weapon mounts/remote switch is also available for this model.

Powered via a single 21700 rechargeable Li-ion battery, this high capacity 5000mAh cell is charged via a type C cable (included), and features voltage cut off and charge indicators on the top. 4 stage power levels are shown on the metal side switch too making it easy to see how much power is left.

Body material is made from durable aero grade A6061-T6 hardened aluminum alloy, it also has an anti slip design for superior grip even when wet. It’s drop tested to 2 metres.

With a rating of IP68 it’s protected against dust and water, with a 2 meter water submersion rating.

It’s quite a compact too at just 185.5mm x 64mm x 25.4mm (length x head x body diameter), and a weight of 235g (without battery).

White/Red/Green output with a big range of up to 818 metres

Each of the 3 modes White, Red, Green have 5 power levels in total from a Turbo level, right down to a super low Eco mode.

The white LED uses the Luminus SFT-40-W, which has an impressive candela of 167,281cd (red is 15,006 and green 40,000). This lets the white beam reach an impressive 818 metres, with it’s custom designed reflector. A spotlight of 6 degrees, with a flood of 60 degrees, giving a tight hotspot with a good spill.

Strobe is also present, perfect for self defence or in an emergency.

UI has a tail switch for On/Off and features a momentary, with a side switch to select the mode/levels. Head rotation lets you pick the output you want from White/Red/Green. Red and Green are very popular for hunting and are useful to have in some other situations, such as night visions preservation.

A stainless steel bezel protects the head, and can act as an emergency glass breaker. The glass is tempered for additional strength, with anti reflective coatings for superior light transmission.

It can operate in extreme conditions and temperatures, from 55 degrees Celsius, down to -30 degrees Celsius.

Cyansky Hunter Key Features

> Triple Color Output with White, Red, Green LEDs
> Long range beam up to 818 meters distance (White SFT-40-W LED)
> Up to 1800 lumens Turbo output (White LED)
> 5 Power levels with strobe and momentary mode
> Compact body size:  185.5mm x 64mm x 25.4mm (length x head x body diameter), weight of 235g (no battery)
> Unique “Twist head” mechanism to select the 3 colors
> Tail cap U shape switch with side switch for simple UI operation.
> Run time up to 400 hours (Eco mode)
> 4 stage battery level indicator (on side switch)
> Optional weapon mounts and remote switch available
> Anti slip body design
> Powered via a high capacity 21700 Li-ion battery (5000mAh)
> Type C charging port on battery, with safety voltage cut off
> Stainless Steel bezel
> High quality aluminum alloy body A6061-T6 aero grade, with heat treated glass cover with anti reflective coatings
> IP68 water and dust protection, drop tested to 2 meters, 2 metre water submersion tested

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