Exquisite and Practical Camping Gear — Olantern Classic2 Camping Lantern

Exquisite and Practical Camping Gear — Olantern Classic2 Camping Lantern

Just see a touch of the setting sun, but for the mountains and rivers lingering. Light and shadow have traces, sighing through the sunset. Olantern Classic2 is at a glance under the shadow of the sunset.

Olantern is the classic camp light series of OLIGHT. Time flies like a shuttle, and time remains the same. What is hard to find in the sea of people is this warm orange light, which lights up a period of warmth and heals your soul. Recently, Olight launched Olantern Classic2, a retro camping lamp.

Fall in love at first sight, retro style and high appearance

Olantern Classic2 changes the compact appearance of a generation of Olantern. It can be seen from the box that it is a headlamp. The hard carton brings OLIGHT's family design style into full play. The interior is a snap-in fixed plate. Olantern Classic2 is completely clamped. It will not shake and vibrate because of long-distance transportation, and it will come to your home and your camp properly.

Olantern Classic2 is made of retro iron, incorporating modern design style and surface treatment technology, presenting the beauty of meaningful artistic conception. Olantern Classic2 is available in an enduring vintage green, a charming vintage bronze, and a warm and meaningful cream white.

The height of Olantern Classic2 is 186mm, the maximum diameter of the lamp cap is 124mm, and the net weight of the rechargeable version with four built-in lithium batteries reaches 756 grams, and the center of gravity is lower, on the one hand, the material is solid, full of heavy texture, on the other hand, a little heavier can also effectively prevent hanging up from being blown by the wind.

Olantern Classic2 uses a double-layer tower cover. The outer edge of the first layer has a handle hook and loop. The lower part of the second layer is a double-arc support column, which connects the bottom of the lamp body. The middle is a suspended transparent PC lampshade. The outside is a four-way stretching wire package, which vividly interprets the retro essence of the lantern.

Electrodeless dimming, dual light source pull full atmosphere

Olantern Classic2 uses luminaries with two color temperatures of orange and warm white. The most attractive thing is the three orange filaments, which use LED to simulate the filament of incandescent lamp. There are four LED lamp beads on the top of the upper lamp cap, 3 + 4 luminaries, 2000 K color temperature, orange, bright and not dazzling.

The upper and lower parts of the orange light bar are connected by metal wires, the length of the orange luminous body in the middle is about 30 mm, and the non-straight shape also imitates the incandescent filament in place. There is also the LOGO of olight in the center of the top LED panel.

The bottom of the lower lamp cap and the inside of the supporting columns on both sides are annular luminous strips, and the inside is 14 warm white LED lamp beads with a color temperature of about 3000 K, which is as soft and comfortable as the natural light in the morning, bringing a uniform lighting effect.

Orange light shines around, the brightness is not high, the lowest luminous flux is 10 LM, and the atmosphere is strong. Warm white light illuminates downward with higher brightness, with a maximum luminous flux of 300lm, clearly and brightly illuminating the foot.


Hang and carry dual-purpose, full of pleasant time

The lantern is mainly used for hanging. There is a large hanging ring design on the edge of the lamp cap on the top of the sunset shadow. The opening diameter is about 100mm, and the distance from the lamp top is more than 50mm. It can be hung on a thick hook or branch.

The wire diameter of the handle is about 2.5mm, and the strength and elasticity are not a problem. There is also a small anti-drop gasket at the end of the hook, which will not fall off in use, thus ensuring safety and stability.

Stainless steel rubber-coated handle, wide and slightly soft, Olantern Classic2 is enough to illuminate the road ahead, to ensure the safety of the foot, to have a pleasant mountain adventure, outdoor use through wind and rain is not easy to rust.

In addition, the bottom of Olantern Classic2 is flat, and there are four symmetrical silicone cushions, which can be placed on the surface of various objects, even if there is a tilt angle, it can also ensure stable placement and bring the required light. Even if you have no intention of falling down, the shadow has the ability of 0.8 meters to resist falling, and there is a two-year warranty, so you can use it without worry.


Long endurance, besides light and discharge

The Olantern Classic2 is available in a Pro rechargeable version and a Lite battery version. The rechargeable version has a built-in 4 × 18650 battery, and the battery panel is driven by four AA batteries. I started with the charging version, which also has the function of external discharge, equivalent to bringing a 11200mAh large-capacity, high-power power bank.

MCC magnetic charging is Aolei's special skill. Many flashlights are equipped with standard magnetic charging cable, which can be charged at any time. It is very convenient. The gap of the bottom gasket can just pass through the wire, which does not affect the flat placement and normal use of Olantern Classic2.

There is A silicone waterproof strip under the front switch, and there are USB-A and TYPE-C interfaces inside. The C port supports charging and discharging, which can realize Olantern Classic2's own fast charging, and can also discharge with 18 watts of high power.

As long as the protocol of the charging adapter allows, the TYPE-C interface can be used to achieve fast charging of 12V-1.5A and 9 V-2A. There is also a power indicator on the upper part of the charging port. The red light flashes during charging, and it can be fully charged in about 4 hours.


The fully charged Olantern Classic2 can be used for 7.5 days at the lowest brightness and 23 hours at the highest brightness, with a long battery life to accompany you through the long night. And the sunset has its own power prompt function, the battery situation is clear at a glance, the indicator light green indicates that the power is more than 15%, you can rest assured to use, red indicates that the power is more than 5%, if the red light starts flashing, you need to charge as soon as possible.

Olight Olantern Classic2 can bring comfortable and warm light to every moment of your life, whether it is home decoration, warm gathering, outdoor exploration or camp gathering, because of its retro shape, super high appearance, lasting endurance, dual light source stepless dimming and large capacity lasting discharge.
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