Fenix E03R V2.0 Upgraded 500 Lumens All-Metal Keychain Flashlight

Fenix E03R V2.0 Upgraded 500 Lumens All-Metal Keychain Flashlight

This latest update from Fenix builds upon the successful and popular E03R, but adds some very useful improvements.

The E03R V2.0 has a higher top power level of 500 lumens (v the original 260 lumens), a longer beam distance of up to 90 meters (compared to 42 metres), and double the battery capacity to 400mAh (original version was 200mAh). With a run time of 30 hours this small compact light is not only powerful for it’s size, but has endurance too. Fenix have also added a breathing light function.

Despite the changes and larger battery the size is still very small, at 52.5mm x 26mm x 13mm (2.07” x 1.02” x 0.51”), and a weight of just 33g (1.06oz).

A choice of two attractive body colors, a Blue Gray, and Gunmetal Gray. A type C charging port and port cover are build into the body.

The E03R V2.0 is made from high a single piece of all metal high strength aluminum alloy, and is tested to 1 metre impact resistance, and a water proof rating of IP66.

4 Power Levels with 500 lumens top output, with a Red LED

A good even spread of power output is possible on the Fenix, from an impressive 500 lumens output (range of up to 90 metres), a medium of 150 lumens, and a low of 30 lumens down to the Eco mode at 5 lumens.

A red LED can put out 5 lumens or light, or a breathing light of 1 lumen.

Run times are longer thanks to the larger battery and improved efficiency, up to 30 hours is possible in the Eco mode (5 lumens), and even the low mode can sustain for 6.6 hours at a very usable 30 lumens. The run times and battery on the Fenix are above many alternative options, this alone makes the E03R V2.0 a very attractive EDC and keychain carry.

Metal Side Switch with battery level indicator and lock-out

Using a high quality metal switch, the E03R V2.0 has a simple and easy to use UI. Fenix have also integrated a battery level check (green/red) in 4 stages, so you have a very good idea of how much power is left.

The switch is recessed to help prevent accidental activation, and Fenix have also added a lock-out function too. So you can securely carry this or put it into a bag/backpack without worrying if it will turn on by accident.

Fenix are using a strong, single piece of heat treated Aluminum alloy (A6061-T6). Which is durable and resists damage and marks, very important for any light that will be used in a daily basis. Rated to IP66 water resistance, and drop tested to 1 metre.

A great choice for those looking for a good quality strong, yet small keychain flashlight.

Fenix E03R Key Features

> 4 Power levels (white LED) with an output of 500 lumens and a range of 90 metres
Red Axillary LED (static and flashing) and Breathing light function
Higher capacity 400mAh rechargeable built in Li-ion battery
Run time up to 30 hours (Eco mode 5 lumens)
Choice of 2 body colors: Blue Gray & Gunmetal Gray
Small size ideal for keychain: 52.5mm x 26mm x 13mm (2.07” x 1.02” x 0.51”), weight of 33g (1.06oz)
Simple UI, USB-C charging with charge indicator (cable included)
Recessed metal side switch with 4 stage battery level indicator, and lock-out
IPX66 rated weather resistance, drop tested to 1 metre
Heat treated single piece A6061-T6 aluminum alloy body for strength and durability

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