Fenix HM75R: The Most Powerful All-Round Headlamp

Fenix HM75R: The Most Powerful All-Round Headlamp

Designed with adventurers and high end users in mind, the Fenix HM75R has many users and applications thanks to the multiple light outputs from this model.

Users have a choice of Spotlight, and Floodlight beam profiles with the dual LED’s. Spotlight has 4 power levels u pto 1600 lumens output, with 4 levels also present on Floodlight up to 100 lumens. A Red light mode is here too, for improved low light vision, and for up close work – 3 levels 120 lumens down to 5 lumens and a flashlight mode.

Power is via dual sources too the supplied ARB L18-3400 18650 battery slots into the headlamp body, and the ARB L21-5000v2 21700 battery, fits into the power bank case (this also have a clip on it for storing on a belt of pack) which can be attached to the rear of the head strap. This gives extended run times and back up power source, a maximum run time of 234 hours is quoted, or for 18 hours 55 minutes for a 350 lumens output. The power bank can of course be removed and used as a power bank for phones and other devices.

USB-C fast charging is available for the main and secondary battery, with 4, and 2.5 hours charging time for the extended power pack and main battery.

A quality perforated head strap is supplied with reflective markings and anti slip design with clips for holding cables in place.

Body is made from magnesium alloy, which is around 30% weight reduction compared to normal aluminum, yet it’s strong and durable. IP68 rating ensures it’s waterproof and submersible, and Fenix have drop tested it to 2 metres.

Size is just 91.1mm x 41mm x 53.5mm, with a weight of 321g (with headband, and 2 batteries fitted).

Choice of Spotlight, Floodlight or Red Light output

Both Spotlight and Floodlight have 4 power levels, and a range of up to 223 metres is possible at the highest output of 1600 lumens, a good range for a dedicated headlamp to have. Floodlight gives a max. output of 1000 lumens, with a much wider more even spread beam and warmer light.

Spotlight is rated to 6500K cool white for improved output and distance, with Floodlight a higher CRI warmer 4000K.

Additionally 3 levels of Red LED are available, with a flashing mode. The highest of 120 lumens has a useful range of 16 metres and is very suitable for preservation of night vision.

Built in safety feature reduces the power output at closer distances to avoid the light damaging and object or overheating.

UI is well thought out with a rotary switch for selecting the outputs (Off, Spotlight, Floodlight, Red light), then simply press the switch in the middle to change the power levels.

Fenix HM75R: Key Features

> Choice of 3 Outputs including a Spotlight, Floodlight, and Red LED light
> Spotlight up to 1600 lumens and a range of 223 metres, Floodlight up to 1000 lumens
> Red LED has 3 levels and a flashing mode
> Dual power source, 18650 battery and 21700 fitted into the power pack which can attach to the rear of the headband
> Power pack also features USB power bank functionality for charging phones and other devices, and a clip
> Small size and reduced weight - 91.1mm x 41mm x 53.5mm, 321g with headband and 2 batteries fitted
> Premium headband with anti slip design, perforated for comfort and anti reflective markings
> Fast USB C charging on main headlamp and power pack/bank
> Smart brightness adjustment which reduces power with close up objects
> Rotary switch with middle switch for quick and simple operation
> Strong and light Magnesium body, corrosion resistant, IP68 waterproof and drop tested to 2 metres

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