Fenix Introduces HT32 Hunting Flashlight with White,Red and Green LEDs

Fenix Introduces HT32 Hunting Flashlight with White,Red and Green LEDs

Using a triple output of LEDs, the new Fenix HT32 is going to make an ideal companion for hunters, and search and rescue operations, thanks to the longer range beam (640 metres White LED) and combination of Red/Green LEDs. The Red/Green outputs are well suited to hunting and night vision preservation.

The White LED Turbo output reached 2500 lumens, it includes a strobe mode too, and 3 more levels are available, with a lot mode of 50 lumens. Run time is up to 29 hours at the lowest output.

Both the Red and Green output, has 2 modes, with the Red hitting 400 lumens, and Green 1400 lumens.

Powered by a high capacity 21700 rechargeable battery ARB-L21-5000 V2.0 (5000mAh), it’s charged directly on the battery with a built in Type C charging port, the battery also features charge indicators.

Fenix are using a fine knurling on the body for superior grip, and their premium type HAIII hardened anodized finishing, and an A6061-T6 aluminum alloy body to last, and survive in all types of conditions.

It is rated to IP68 for weather resistance, and has a drop test/impact resistance of 1.5 metres, with a water submersion rating of 2 metres.Size is still quite compact at 160mm x 52mm x 25.4mm (length x head diameter x body diameter), with a weight of 185g (excluding battery).

640 metres range with a Turbo output of 2500 lumens

Fenix are using a Luminus SFT70 LED for the main White light output, Luminus SFT20RA for Red and SFT20CG for Green. 9 modes are available in total.

The white LED has a color temperature of 6500K for improved range and output, capable of reaching an impressive 640 metres, with the top Turbo level of 2500 lumens (candela of 101,000cd). Strobe is also rated to 2500 lumens.

Using a patented TIR optical lens, they have increased the beam distance by 100%, providing excellent thrown with a very usable spill for closer distances.

The Red and Green modes each have 2 levels. Red has a high of 400 lumens and a low of 150 lumens, Green has a high of 1400 lumens with a low of 350 lumens.

Dual tail switch operation makes using the HT32 simple, with instant access to strobe too for self defence or emergency signalling.

This model is likely to be a popular choice for hunters looking for a compact multi output color Hunting flashlight. It can also be used with multiple weapon mounts and a remote trigger switch. Giving users increased flexibility.

 Fenix HT32 Key Features

> Triple LED output White, Red and Green. 9 modes in total
> Up to 2500 lumens output (Turbo) with a long range beam of 640 metres (White LED)
> Ideal for hunting or search operations
> 2 Power levels for Red/Green modes
> Powered via a high capacity rechargeable 21700 battery (5000mAh) with built in Type C charging port
> Run time up to 29 hours (low 50lm mode)
> Dual switches for simple operation, with quick access to strobe
> New TIR optical lens for enhanced range and beam profile
> Improved thermal heat dissipation thanks to the large grooves on the body
> Compact size: 160mm x 52mm x 25.4mm (length x head diameter x body diameter), with a weight of 185g (no battery)
> Compatible with Fenix weapon mounts and remote triggers (and bike mount)
> Anodized HAIII aluminum alloy body (A6061-T6) for strength and wear resistance, crenulated bezel and hardened glass cover with anti reflective coatings
> Drop tested to 1.5 metres with IP68 weather resistance for water and dust resistance (2 metres underwater) for use in difficult weather conditions

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