Fenix Launches HL16 450 lumens lightweight headlamp

Fenix Launches HL16 450 lumens lightweight headlamp

A new addition to the Fenix headlamp range the HL16 is an affordable, yet capable dual output LED headlamp.Available in 3 colors, Black, Chartreuse (Green), and Pink. This headlamp runs off the common and easy to find AAA battery size (3 x AAA).

Fenix have included a White LED which has 4 levels including a Turbo mode of 450 lumens (range of 104 metres). The Red LED has a static mode and SOS at 5 lumens each. (both 6 metres range). Run times can be as long as 100 hours (White or Red LED 5 lumens output), or 27 hours using the Medium White light (50 lumens). The light angle is easy to direct thanks to the secure 60 degree tilt design.

Fenix are also using their upgraded headband, it’s wider (36mm) compared to most headbands which are 26mm, this gives improved fit and comfort, and has reflective markings for enhanced safety/visibility at night.

Made from Polycarbonate, which is strong and light. This small headlamp is only 64mm x 48mm x 26.9mm (2.52” x 1.89” x 1.06”), and the weight is only 97.2g (3.43oz).

The HL16 has a weather resistance rating of IP66 and is drop tested to 1.5 metres, so you can use it in all types of weather conditions.

2 LED Outputs White & Red up to 450 lumens power

Two LED’s are fitted to the HL16. The main LED is a White beam with 4 power levels in total. At the top Turbo output, 450 lumens it can reach up to 104 metres in range. The next 3 levels are 150/50/5 lumens giving you an even spread of power, so you can adjust this to your needs.

The Red LED has two modes both of these are 5 lumens, the first a static mode which useful for up close activities and for helping to preserve night vision. Second one is an SOS useful for emergencies or signalling.

Having both available greatly increases the flexibility of this headlamp, giving you a choice of output that meets the task at hand.

Dual Switches for simple user operation

The HL16 is using independent switches for each beam type, one for the White and Red. This simplifies the use and makes using the headlamp a pleasure. To prevent any issues with accidental activation, it also features a lock-out function, this is accessed by holding both switches for 3 seconds (to lock and unlock), ideal when storing or transporting it.

Fenix decided to use the AAA battery format for this model, with 3 powering the headlamp. By using such a common battery type, it means you can easily source extra cells. It is also possible to use rechargeable Ni-MH batteries with the HL16. for your convenience 3 x AAA (non rechargeable) batteries are supplied in the package.

The durable polycarbonate body and IP66 rating (drop tested to 1.5 metres), means you can safely use the Fenix even in storms/harsh weather.

It is ideal for many applications such as running, camping, hiking, work, or general purpose. The small size and weight make is a good option for those who want to travel light, yet have the versatility of a good quality dual output headlamp.

Fenix HL16 Key Features

> Up to 450 lumens output (Turbo) with a range of 104 metres (White LED)
> Twin LED output with White (4 power levels) and Red (2 modes)
> Runs on 3 x AAA batteries (supplied), easy to find common cells
> SOS mode (Red LED)
> Wide perforated headband with reflective markings, secure fit and comfortable
> Small and light: 64mm x 48mm x 26.9mm, and a weight of only 97.2g
> Secure head tilt design (up to 60 degrees angle)
> Up to 100 hours run time (white or red Low 5 lumens)
> Dual switches for independent beam control and easy operation
> Lock out function for storage/transportation
> Tough polycarbonate body – drop tested to 1.5 metres with IP66 weather resistance

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