Fenix LR60R High Power rotary switch 21000 lumens flashlight

Fenix LR60R High Power rotary switch 21000 lumens flashlight

Red dot award winner for 2023, the LR60R flashlight is an impressive high performance flashlight with some exciting features.

With a staggering 21000 lumens power, it boats a longer range beam up to 1085 metres distance.

Two modes are available including a search mode for longer distances using a single high power LED SFT 70 for the spotlight, with 12 Lumiled SST40’s for a wider floodlight pattern with a wide area of illumination. A built in light sensors automatically ramps power down for protection if objects are close to the front of the light, SOS and Strove modes are useful for emergency situations of signalling.

Powered by a big capacity ARB-L56-4000 replaceable Li-ion rechargeable battery, run times can be as long as 113 hours (50 lumens Eco mode). Using 45W fast charging USB-C, you can charge the battery from flat to full in as little as 1.5 hours, making this a capable duty/work flashlight for many tasks. It can also be used as a power bank with USB C or A ports, a great back up power source for phones and other devices.

Designed in the shape of a scorpion, the handle offers a secure grip on the light, but can also be removed if desired. A ¼” standard screw thread is included for mounting it in on a tripod. Fenix also included a screw D ring to put into the thread, and a shoulder strap for comfortable carrying.

Thanks to the OLED display you always know how much power you have left in an accurate %, how long the run time is (estimated) and the power output light level.

Body is constructed from premium aero grade aluminum alloy (A6061-T6) it’s has the HAIII hard coating finish to prevent marks and damage, and is rated to 1 metre drop testing, extreme weather conditions -35 degrees Celsius up to 45 degrees Celsius, and IP68 for water submersion up to 4 hours at 2 metres depth.

Size of the LR60R is 207mm x 85mm x 90mm, with a weight of 1500g (including battery).

Long range of 1085 metres Dual Beam pattern and OLED display

With a single Luminus LED for spotlight (SFT70) and 12 LED’s for the floodlight (SST40), the Fenix can provide both wide and focussed beam patterns.

5 Power levels in Search (spotlight) mode from 50 lumens, 300 lumens, up to 1000/3000 and then then Turbo of 21000 lumens. Camp mode (floodlight larger wider beam), has 3 levels from a medium of 2000 lumens, high of 6000 lumens and Turbo of 15000 lumens. You also have 2 special modes an SOS (300 lumens) and a powerful strobe mode (9000 lumens).

With 10 modes overall operation is important, and the company has a clever mechanical rotary switch just below the head. This switch is quick to operate, clearly marked and it’s free from interference from magnetic sources., simply turn left or right with click stops for each level/mode. A great UI experience for users.

Fenix LR60R: Key Features

> Powerful 21000 lumens Turbo mode, with a range of up to 1085 metres
> Choice of Search or Camping modes (spotlight or floodlight)
> 1 x LED SFT 70 for the spotlight, with 12 x Lumiled SST40’s LEDs
> 10 modes with 5 levels for spotlight (search mode), 3 levels for floodlight (camp mode), and 2 strobe modes SOS and normal strobe
> High candela beam – 294,287cd
> Proximity sensor, ramps power down when close to objects
> Size: 207mm x 85mm x 90mm, with a weight of 1500g
> Type C charging port with support for quick charge, power bank function with type C and A ports> High performance replaceable ARB-L56-4000 replaceable Li-ion rechargeable battery, rapid charge time of 1.5 hours.
> OLED display with level, battery % and output shown
> Detachable carry handle with ¼” tripod thread and strap
> Run time up to 113 hours (50 lumens ECO)
> Aluminum alloy body A6061-T6, with hardened glass cover and anti reflective coatings
> IPX68 Rated water and dust resistant, 1 metre drop tested with 2 metres water submersion

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