Fireflylite LEP01:All-new Long Range Tactical Style LEP Flashlight

Fireflylite LEP01:All-new Long Range Tactical Style LEP Flashlight

This new Tactical Style flashlight from Fireflylite has an impressive range of 2400 metres, using a custom LEP.

(laser excited phosphor), is quite different to a normal LED, it offers a more precise and tighter beam pattern, with little spill outside the hotspot. This makes is ideal for use as a search and rescue light, or hunting,  due to it’s extra long range and clarity in the beam hotspot.

The LEP01 also features two power levels, with a high mode of 500 lumens, it can run for around 90 minutes on this setting. It also features a low mode and a strobe too. Strobe being suitable for emergency use or self defence. Run times are up to 4.5 hours (with the low mode 150 lumens).

The body on the LEP01 has been designed with user comfort in mind, with a well balanced look it also features a comfortable square shape grip pattern, a secure hold even in wet conditions. Further helped by the matt black finish. Deep head grooves are numerous and help to maintain excellent thermal management, by removing heat more rapidly with the larger surface area.

You can also operate it via a remote control wired type C trigger.High build quality is important for a flashlight, and this one has a metal tail switch, hard anodised aluminum alloy body and stainless steel bezel, which is crenulated.

Water and dust resistant to IPX8 ensures it will last during difficult weather including heavy rainfall. It’s also been drop tested to 1.5 metres.

Long range beam up  to 2400 metres, simple UI

Two power levels are present on this LEP flashlight, the top power level is 500 lumens which can yield and impressive 2400 metres distance. With this powerful beam you reach far into the darkness and with a very clean outline to the hotspot.

At the second lower level of 150 lumens, you can still reach a useful 1000 metres range, and enjoy extended run times at this setting too.

Operation is a breeze, very intuitive and simple with the quality metal switch on the tail cap you have one button control over the flashlight.A single press for On/Off, hold to switch between high and low output levels and a double press for strobe and triple press for the momentary tactical mode.

Intelligent chip control ensures that the thermals are regulated on the flashlight, giving maximum performance and thermal protection to the electronics.

This model is going to be popular with users looking for a premium quality LEP flashlight, which also has an interesting and useful tactical style.

Fireflylite LEP01 Key Features

> High performance LED flashlight with extreme range up to 2400 metres (high 500 lumens mode)
> Choice of 2 power levels, Strobe and Momentary modes
> Tactical style body with matt finish and ergonomic design
> Run time up to 4.5 hours (low 150 lumens)
> Wired Remote Control compatible (type C port included)
> Simple UI with single metal tail switch
> Stainless steel crenulated bezel
> Deep head grooves for excellent thermal management
> IPX8 Water and dust resistance, drop tested to 1.5 metres

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