Fitorch K2 Lite Compact Multi purpose 1000 lumen Light

Fitorch K2 Lite Compact Multi purpose 1000 lumen Light

We have a very Interesting model from Fitorch on a kickstarter campaign, this super compact portable light source has many potential users, such as camping, bike light, headlamp or as a running light.

Two options for body material, Aluminum alloy, or Titanium alloy
As well as the main Dual LED output, it comes with auxiliary LED half ring RGB lights below, both attractive but also useful for signalling or attracting attention. With flashing/breathing and static modes available.

4 levels for the main LEDs with a strobe mode, a strong clip is also included it can be clipped to a hat or belt or even a bag.

It’s rated to IP5, which means water/rain resistance (though not submersion), and Fitorch have tested it to drop distances of 1 metre.

A built in battery has a run time up to 20 hours, and is charged via the USB-C port. Tiny in size it can fit into any pocket, jacket or small bag without taking up much space.

Dual White LEDs with RGB Auxillary LEDs built in ,The twin white LEDs power can range from an Eco mode of 2 lumens, 30 lumens Low, 150 lumens Medium, and the highest level is 1000 lumens, impressive for such a compact light. Strobe mode is also here too (rated to 1000 lumens output).

Main beam can reach up to 100 metres, with a candela of 1,805cd, it’s a wide output suitable for many uses, such as camping, work light or cap light etc. You can even attach it to a bicycle and use it for that, it has more than enough power to light up the road ahead.

RGB auxillary LEDs are included in a half circle shape below the main LEDs. You have a variety of effects and colors, and a built in battery level/charge indicator too (5 stages combination of Green/Red LED and static/flashing). Single side switch UI is quick and simple to operate.

Fitorch K2 Lite: Key Features

Ultra compact Multi use light with an output up to 1000 lumens.
Dual White LEDs with 4 power levels and strobe mode.
RGB LEDs for lighting effect with multiple modes flashing/breathing etc.
Ideal for running, work light, camping, cap light or bicycle light.
Choice of Aluminum or Titanium alloy body material.
100 metres range (dual white LEDs).
Up to 20 hours battery life (Eco 2 lm mode).
Built in battery with USB C fast charging.
Strong clip included.
IP5 Water resistance (rain), and drop tested to 1 metre.


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