Fitorch P50 10,000 Lumens high power flashlight

Fitorch P50 10,000 Lumens high power flashlight

Many new features on this new light from Fitorch, including a high power output of 10,000 lumens. This also has a respectable range of 470 metres, and has a number of modes and effects.

Available in Black or White versions.A white light, colored light, with a warmer higher CRI (3 main LEDs) and up to 11 effects with RGB lighting (24 auxiliary LEDs) give a wide color spectrum, and dynamic effects. Also included a strobe and SOS, for emergency use.

Large capacity 32650 Li-ion battery have extended run times thanks to the 6500mAh rating, and can run the light for as long as 21.7 hours, and also doubles as a portable power bank with USB C charging, which is also fast flat to full in under 3 hours.

4 stage battery level indicator is built around the metal side switch, quickly showing the remaining power. ¼” thread for mounting on a tripod (industry standard), makes this a useful working light too.

Black model is hardened aluminum alloy with type III hard coating, with the White featuring a Nanocaoting process for it’s finish. It’s IP68 water resistant with 1 metres impact tested. Stainless steel bezel with glass breaking ability.

The Fitorch p50 fits well in the hand with a side of 116mm x 56mm x 38.8mm (length x head x body diameter), with an ergonomic grip and comfortable fit.

11 different lighting modes, with a range of up to 470 metres

3 main LEDs provide the main output, with the White light hitting a huge 10,000 lumens, but with additional lower power levels right down to 100 lumens. Strobe and SOS are also here.

The yellow light has a high CRI value give more accurate colors and saturation. Mix in the lighting effects for a truly impressive display which has many hues including red, orange, yellow, green, indigo, blue, violet etc.

Single side switch has an easy to remember UI controlling all the functions, and a nice touch is the “auto lock-out” feature. If the flashlight is turned off for one minute, it engages the lock as a safety feature, to prevent accidental activation, for example if carrying it in a bag or back pack.

This pocket powerhouse flashlight is also very attractively priced, making it an affordable option for anyone looking for a high performance model at a modest cost.

Fitorch P50: Key Features

> High power 10,000 lumens output with a range of up to 470 metres
> 3 Main LED’s with 24 auxiliary LEDs
> Choice of Black or White body color
> White, Yellow/Warmer high CRI LEDs with colored light modes (11 effects)
> 32650 Li-ion battery (6500mAh capacity)
> ¼” tripod thread
> Run time up to 21.7 hours
> Simple UI with auto lock out function
> Type C fast charging (3 hours) with power bank function
> 4 stage battery level indicator with metal side switch
> Palm size:  116mm x 56mm x 38.8mm
> IP68 Water resistant, drop tested to 1 metre
> High quality aluminum alloy body, stainless steel bezel

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