Introducing Garberiel Pocket Penlight with White and UV

Introducing Garberiel Pocket Penlight with White and UV

A neat and convenient solution for a pocket penlight, the Garberiel offers not just a normal white light output (at the tip), and also a COB side light (Chip on board), and a built in UV light at the top.

This 3 in one design lets you use the penlight for multiple uses, including at work, workshop and around the house as a general use light.

The side clip is also magnetic and can be rotated around 120 degrees, letting you use it attached to a metal surface, ideal for the car hood/bonnet where the COB floodlight can emit a wide beam.

A type C charging port offers convenient charging, with a cover to prevent dirt/water getting into the port/body.

The Garberiel is a compact size ideal for and EDC and pocket/jacket carry, it’s made from durable aluminum on the main body, and is only 80g (2.82oz) in weight, and a size of 154mm x 14mm x 12mm (6.06” x 0.55” x 0.47”).

4 Modes including a main white Spotlight, wide beam COB, and UV LED

A clever design allows Garberiel to integrate multiple LED’s into the small body, which gives the user increased versatility in use.The main white “spotlight” beam is in the front/bottom, this beam has more focus and range and is suitable for general purpose use.

Side COB (chip on board) LED output is a wider flood beam, giving an even spread of light, making it useful for working tasks such as inspections or motor vehicle maintenance. This output has a high and low output.

At the top of the pen the UV light is rated to 365nm, and can detect fluids, leaks, stains and counterfeit bank notes.

Using a type C port provides a common and fast way to charge the built in Li-ion battery, which is rated to a high 600mAh, and also features a built in charge indicator LED light (red for charging, green completed)

A switch on the side lets you cycle the modes or long press to activate the UV mode, a simple and quick UI.With the rotating magnetic clip, it’s a useful addition to anyone’s toolkit, or a cost effective item to keep around the house for use when required.

A strong aluminum body, has a seal for the USB C port to stop dirt and dust/water from entering. It’s a well priced good quality light which many users will find very convenient.

Garberiel Pocket Penlight Key features

> 3 in 1 design in a compact pen style body
> 4 modes with a white LED spotlight and side COB (floodlight) LED with two power levels
> UV light 365nm for liquid/counterfeit note detection
> Size:  154mm x 14mm x 12mm, with a weight of 80g
> Singe switch for simple UI
> Magnetic clip with rotating design (120 degree)
> Type C charging port
> Charge status indicators (red/green LED)
> Built in Li-ion rechargeable battery (600mAh)
> Ideal form factor for EDC or work, in the home or car
> High quality Aluminum alloy body for long term durability

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