Garberiel XHP99 6000 Lumen Focus Flashlight With Color Output & Display

Garberiel XHP99 6000 Lumen Focus Flashlight With Color Output & Display

This new and interesting model from Garberiel has some unusual features. The normal main LED has 3 power levels including a strobe mode, but it also features a clever build in lantern with a retractable design, simply uscrew and pull the tail cap to reveal a 360 degree lantern which can output a warm yellow, white light, or red. Two power levels for yellow and white, with a static and flashing one for red. 10 modes are here in total.

Main LED can also be adjusted in focus, for a wide floodlight beam, or a tighter longer range one which can reach up to 500 metres at the highest focus position.

Power is via a built in 2000mAh battery, which has a type C charging port.An aggressive bezel on the head, is useful for self defense, and also features additional cooling fins to help provide better heat management. IPX4 ensures even in heavy rain you can continue to use the flashlight outside.

It’s suitable for a pocket or jacket carry with a side of 7.08” x 1.85” x 1.37”, and a weight of 11.71oz.

Dual output with a 6000 lumens main beam and lantern built into the tail

Using the XHP99 and a top output of 6000 lumens can deliver a powerful beam, with 3 power levels and a strobe. But the ability to focus/zoom the head, with a special optical lens, means you can adjust the output of the beam to suit your needs. The wider beam lights up a bigger area, with less range – simply zoom in to adjust the beam angle, providing a much longer distance beam which can reach up to 500 metres at the highest output and focus.

The rear lantern can be unscrewed and pulled out, when not in use simply push it back into the handle and it remains out of the way. A clever and unusual design but gives you additional flexibility using the Garberiel. It can make for a good camping lantern with this extra light source, or for personal safety or signalling, using the various modes and colors.

The lantern has a warm yellow, white light and red. With 2 power levels for yellow and white, red has static and flashing modes.

Dual switches with color power display meter

It’s an easy flashlight to use thanks to the two switches on the body. The larger main switch controls the primary LED light (the XHP99), with the smaller one controlling the tail Lantern (COB).

A built in type C charging port not only allows you to fast charge the flashlight, but it can also be used as a powerbank, to help charge up your phone or other devices.

A 4 color display around the main switch clearly shows you have much power is left. This display not only looks attractive, but is clearly visible. The colors are Red/Orange/Green/Blue.

A strike bezel can be used for self defense or as an emergency window/glass breaker, the design on this flashlight is robust thanks to the aluminum body with weather resistance to IPX4, this lets you use it in all weather conditions. A cost effective flashlight which has multiple used thanks to a focus/zoom beam, and built in tail lantern.

Garberiel XHP99 Key Features

> 6000 lumens output with adjustable zoom/focus head for a wide/flood or tight/spotlight beam
Lantern/COB built into the tail, can be unscrewed (telescopic design), or secured when not in use. 3 light colors (white/yellow/red) with 2 power levels for white/yellow. Red features flashing/static modes
Built in 2000mAh rechargeable Li-ion battery
Type C charging port with power bank function
10 modes of operation
Up to 8 hours run time (main LED lowest output), or 20 hours (Lantern/COB lowest output)
Dual switches for easy operation
4 stage color LED display power indicator
Strong comfortable to hold body design
Compact size: 7.08” x 1.85” x 1.37”, weight of 11.71oz
Strike bezel suitable for defense or emergency glass breaking
Aluminum body with IPX4 weather resistance

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