HaikeLite Release HK08 Powerful 60,000 lumens Flood/Thrower Flashlight

HaikeLite Release HK08 Powerful 60,000 lumens Flood/Thrower Flashlight

A new challenged in the highly powerful category. This time from HaikeLite, their new HK08 has some impressive features sure to appeal to many enthusiasts.

Available in 3 different emitter versions: A Cool white (6000-6500K), Neutral white (5000-5500K), and Warm White (3000K). The cooler versions have more powerful output, and increased beam range, with the warmer offerings – give a more natural color reproduction and many users find them more comfortable to use for extended periods.

Powered via 4 x 21700 Li-ion rechargeable cells, this model also features a type C charging port (with a charge level indicator). It’s fast to charge at 1 hours for the four 4000mAh 21700 cells with up to 100W quick charging.

The body is made from premium 6063 aluminum alloy with the type III HA hardened coating to ensure long service life, with a stainless steel bezel and silver plated springs for corrosion resistance and reduced internal resistance.

It’s rated to IPX6 for dust and water protection, and can be used in all weather conditions.

A strong handle is also made from the same aluminum ally material. It has a size of 177mm x 90mm x 61mm x 57mm (Length x head x tail x barrel diameter), with a weight of 1080g without the batteries.

8 x SFH43 LEDs with up to 1340 metres range and 450,000 Candela

The incredibly powerful output of 60,000 lumens is made possible using the 8 SFH43 LEDs in specially designed reflector with some unique texturing. The result is a high output with a wide beam spread, but also capable of reaching a good distance, of up to 1340 metres. Making this a useful search and rescue flashlight, as well as one which can also light up wider areas, at shorter distances. It hits 450,000cd at the top output.

Deep head grooves help to improve thermal management, with protection for overheating low voltage also included. Safety is important in such a product.

Fast type C charging port, this can also be used as a power bank function for phones and other devices.

A handle mounted switch is easy to find and has an intuitive UI which is easy to pick up, and includes shortcuts to Turbo, Strobe modes and a ramping power output.

HaikeLite HK08 Key Features

> 8 x SFH43 LEDs with a top power output of 60,000 lumens
> Huge candela of 450,000 with a range of 1340 metres
> Choice of 3 types of emitter: Cool white (6000-6500K), Neutral white (5000-5500K), Warm White (3000K)
> Size:  177mm x 90mm x 61mm x 57mm (Length x head x tail x barrel diameter), with a weight of 1080g (no cells)
> Simple UI with shortcuts to Turbo, Strobe modes and ramping power levels
> Takes 4 x 21700 button top rechargeable Li-ion batteries
> Type C charging port with rapid 1 hour charging possible (100W)
> Power bank function
> Tempered glass cover, with anti reflective coatings
> Strong 6063 aluminum alloy body with hard anodised coating resists damage and marks. Stainless steel bezel
> IPX6 dust and water resistance

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