Imalent Announces The World’s brightest flashlight - Imalent SR32

Imalent Announces The World’s brightest flashlight - Imalent SR32

The SR32 from Imalent sets a new benchmark for extreme flashlight performance.With 6 power levels, and 32 LEDs this model can reach a staggering 120,000 lumens, with a stunning range of 2080 metres (Turbo level)

Powered via a 32,000mAh battery pack (using 8 x 21700 cells), the SR32 also supports fast charging via USB C. Thermal intelligent temperature control ensures safe operation regulating the output. With an active cooling system via fans to remove heat quickly from the unit.

A high grade heat treated aluminum body is rated to IP56, and impact resistant to 0.5m. The SR32 has a length of 220mm, with a head diameter of 138mm, and body diameter of 56mm. Weight is 2166g with the battery pack included. A removable metal handle with built in side switch, and a shoulder strap makes carrying the flashlight easier.

A multi function OLED display is also featured on this model showing the battery status and power levels (this also includes a heat warning too)

Powerful 2080 metres beam distance with a candela of 1,090,000

Thanks to a super smooth precision machined reflector, combined with the 32 CREE XHP50.3 Hi LEDs, this flashlight can reach it’s unsurpassed output of 120,000 lumens and over 2000 metres. A specially designed beam pattern not only provides long range, but also a useful spread at various power levels. A tough clear mineral glass cover protects the LEDs, and also has anti reflective coatings.

There are 6 levels in total from the top turbo of 120,000 lumens, a high mode with 50,000 lumens, down to lower more useful levels such as the low or 4500 lumens, and it even has a moonlight mode of just 2 lumens. Also included is a tactical strobe mode for emergency use.

A high performance battery pack features convenient USB C charging, and can be used with the PD100 W charging (included), this allows you to charge the 32,000mAh battery pack from flat to full in about 90 minutes, and impressive feat considering the high capacity.

The SR32 also has a built in low battery warning on the OLED display. So you will always know how much power you have left.

Single Side Switch easy to pick up UI

Thanks to the built in side switch on the handle, operation of the SR32 is a breeze and very straight forward. This metal handle is strong enough to support the weight of the flashlight, and also ensures user comfort.

A high quality finish ensures a long service life on the SR32, the type III matte hard anodized finish will resist marks and damage. Imalent have drop tested this to 0.5m, and it is rated to IP56 weather resistance.

Imalent have also pioneered a new cooling system. With such a huge output heat needs to be removed, and quickly. This is achived by using cooling fans with spin up to 10,500rpm speed, combined with the body design which is made to work in combination with the active cooling.

This flashlight is ideally suited for law enforcement, and search and rescue operations, due to it’s extreme output. But it is also one that flashlight enthusiasts will enjoy!

Imalent SR32 Key Features

> World’s most powerful flashlight at up to 120,000 lumens output (1,090,000cd)
6 Power levels and a tactical strobe mode with a range of up to 2080 metres
OLED display shows battery status and power output
32 CREE XHP50.3 Hi LEDs
Active cooling system with high speed fans (10,500rpm) to ensure long operation
Includes removable aluminum carry handle (with side switch for operation) and shoulder strap
Size: length 220mm, with a head diameter of 138mm, body diameter of 56mm. Weight is 2166g including the battery pack
Smooth aluminum deep reflector with mineral glass lens cover and anti reflective coatings
Powered via 32,000mAh power pack with Type C charging port
PD100W Charger (included) for fast charging in just 90 minutes
High quality type III heat treated aluminum body
IP56 weather resistance, drop tested to 0.5 metre

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