Introducing Coast KL20R Mini Rechargeable Keychain Light

Introducing Coast KL20R Mini Rechargeable Keychain Light

This ultra compact mini flashlight is one to carry around on your keychain or in a pocket/bag.So small it takes up no real space.

The KL20R has 3 power levels up to a maximum output of 380 lumens. With an impressive range of 78 metres in Turbo (380lumens) and a run time up to 6 hours 3 minutes in Low (50 lumens).

It comes with a split ring to attach to a keychain and has a tough composite body with a simple side switch for ease of use. Charging is via the popular and common Type C interface.

Tiny size of just 6.1cm (2.4”) and a weight of 17g (0.6oz) you will never even know you are carrying it, it’s so small and light.

It’s rated to IP54 and is water and dust resistant and can be used in all weather conditions.

3 Power levels with a top output of 380 lumens

Coast have provide 3 power levels to ensure you can adjust the beam level to meet your requirements.

The top Turbo output is 380 lumens which defies the small size of this light. In Turbo the light can reach up to 78 metres, plenty of range for many users or in an emergency.

Two other levels are a high of 165 lumens, and a low output of 50 lumens which makes using the flashlight up close, more comfortable on the eyes. Run times are up to 6 hours 30 minutes (low) and even at the high level it can last up to 2 hours.

Charging is via the built in Type C port and this port is also covered with a rubber flap to prevent water/dirt getting in. It’s also located at the base of the light, and features a flap to make opening it easier.

Single Switch with easy UI

The large rubber covered switch is both easy to find and with a simple UI.

A double press for On/Off (this avoids accidental operation) with quick access to Turbo (long press). A battery level/charge indicator is also built in (red/green LED) to show you when it’s charged, and also when the level is low.

Having a tough body is important, as keychains and lights get dropped. Here coast have made the main body out of a wear resistant and strong composite material, with a stainless steel bezel to protect the front lens.

It’s also rated for harsh weather conditions with it’s IP54 certification, more than capable of resisting dust and water even during heavy rain/storm conditions.

This small keychain light is a must have for Coast fans, or users who require a high quality, yet tiny light source from a well respected brand.

Coast KL20R Key Features:

> 3 Power levels with a top output of 380 lumens
Range of up to 78 metres (Turbo)
Simple UI with backlit side switch with charge/battery level indicator
Ultra compact form factor with size of 6.1cm (2.4”) and a weight of just 17g (0.6oz)
USB C charging port
Long run time up to 6.5 hours (low 50 lumens)
IP54 dust/water resistance, storm proof
Comes with split ring to attach to keychain
Strong composite body with stainless steel bezel

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