Introducing Coast RL10 Dual Power 500 Lumens Headlamp

Introducing Coast RL10 Dual Power 500 Lumens Headlamp

The RL10 has a rear mounted battery compartment which accepts either 3 x AAA Alkaline batteries (supplied) or it can use the Coast ZX350 Li-ion battery pack (not included).

By placing the power pack at the back of the headlamp on the head strap, this provides better balance and avoids having too much “front” weight. The strap also has a non slip design to resist moving around.

A dual beam output gives a normal white light and red output, with the highest output able to reach as high as 560 lumens in power (range of 31 metres). A pair of rear LED’s sit on the battery compartment and can be activated to help with visibility/safety (choice of flashing or continuous).

Coast have their light control wheel/variable output light control technology to allow the user to adjust the light output to a fine degreeThe RL10 has a high quality finish which is IP54 water and dust resistent.A high quality hinge helps you position the light just as you want it.

White & Red Beams with an output up to 500 lumens

Having two beam colors can be useful with the output can reach an impressive level of 560 lumens, with a range of 31 metres for a wide and even beam profile. A low output of 55 lumens allows you to work at closer distances and not be overwhelmed with power (range of low output is 9 metres).

Red helps preserve the night vision, and some find it more comfortable to use for extended periods of time. The longest run time is 14 hours (low mode), meaning you have enough power to use this all night long. Coast are using their C.O.B. Optical design to ensure a wide and even beam illumination.

Rear safety LEDs in red have both static and flashing modes, or can be turned off if required via it’s  own switch. This makes it easier to be seen and can be very useful for use on a construction site or to be more visible to traffic.

Light control wheel with variable light control technology

By using the light control wheel, Coast allow you to control the beam intensity to a fine degree, just by rotating the dial which uses a magnetic field system in side the bezel of the headlamp.

Variable light control technology gives you 3 ways to adjust and regulate the beam power.2 power sources give additional flexibility. By default the RL10 can be powered via 3 x AAA (1.5V) batteries (supplied), or an optional ZX350 power pack, which has a built in port for direct charging.

Coast RL10 Key Features

> Dual White and Red LEDs with a maximum output of 560 lumens, and a range of 31 metres
Rear mounted twin Red LEDs with separate switch and flashing/static/off modes
Dual power options either 3 x AAA 1.5 V batteries (included) or optional power pack (ZX350)
Anti slip headband
C.O.B. Optical lens for a smooth and even beam profile
Light control wheel with variable light control technology, allows the user to adjust the output of the headlamp to a precise degree
Run time of up to 14 hours (low output 55 lumens)
Quality build with a weather resistance rating of IP54
Limited lifetime warranty

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