Introducing Convoy L21A SBT90.2 Long Range 5000 lumens Flashlight

Introducing Convoy L21A SBT90.2 Long Range 5000 lumens Flashlight

This new model from Convoy has an impressive 5000 lumens maximum output (theoretical output), and an excellent range of up to 1148 metres, ideal for use as a search and rescue or working flashlight.

The UI Is also fully configurable and can be programmed to suit users needs, with strobe/SOS modes and variable output levels giving a wide range of options.

It’s powered via a rechargeable 21700 Li-ion battery, widely available and cost effective, and with a high capacity for extended run times. Reverse polarity and low voltage protection are built in.

It has IPX8 water resistance for use in all weather conditions, and it is shock tested to to ensure reliable operation (1 metre).

Convoy are using good quality aluminum alloy body materials, and deep head grooves for improved thermal management. With water and dust resistance the L21A Sbt90.2 is able to be used in all type of weather conditions.

It’s relatively compact for a longer range mode, size is just 179mm x 64.5mm x 30mm (length x head x body diameter).

Flexible UI with a long range 1148 metres beam

Convoy are using a Luminus SBT90.2 LED, combined with a deep and smooth reflector, a high candela of 330,000cd, and has a longer range beam distance of 1148 metres. A toughened anti reflective coating gives maximum light transmission and performance. Tint is around 5700K, which is closer to daylight then a typical Cool White tint. This give you an improvement in color reproduction, and some people find it easier on the eyes for long term use.

Up to 5000 lumens output, the L21A has an excellent beam profile which has both range and spill.It can output down to as low as 0.1% power and has multiple strobe modes including an SOS for emergency signalling.

The UI has the ability to be tweaked and customised to suit the users needs. 12 groups are available giving you the option to vary the power levels and spread to suit the task at hand.

The UI also includes a lock-out function and a battery level check with 1-5 flashes, giving you an accurate indication of the battery capacity.

Strong durable build quality with anodized aluminum body, hardened glass lens cover and dust/water resistance, the Convoy L21 A is a powerful flashlight with an excellent beam at a very attractive price point.

Convoy L21A Sbt90.2 Key Features

> Luminus SBT 90.2 LED with up to 5000 lumens Turbo output with a range of 1148 metres
> High Candela 330,000cd, and smooth deep precision machined reflection for a powerful beam
> Customisable UI with 12 groups for various levels and UI options including strobe and SOS modes
> Compact thrower: 179mm x 64.5mm x 30mm (length x head x body diameter)
> Battery level check, with lock-out mode and mode memory
> Reverse polarity and low voltage battery protection
> Runs on a rechargeable 21700 Li-ion battery
> Water and dust resistant
> Operating temperature -40 to 60 degrees Celsius
> Dual gold plated springs for shock resistance
> Toughened glass cover with anti reflective coating, durable and strong aluminum alloy body

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