Introducing Fenix CL26R PRO 650 lumens Camping Lantern

Introducing Fenix CL26R PRO 650 lumens Camping Lantern

A new compact yet powerful camping lantern from Fenix, the CL26R PRO Lantern has some unique features which make it stand out among many offerings. Not just for camping, you can also use it as a back up light source, or when working.

Available in 3 attractive colors, Olive Drab, Grey Camo, White Marble.First off it has multiple light modes, including 3 levels for the main lantern, A front light output, and a Downwards one, with 3 levels. In addition to this there are 2 Red modes with a static and flashing mode. Total output is 650 lumens (combined) or 500 lumens at the highest output level with the main white LED.

It’s a powerful lantern too with a beam diameter up to 15 metres, more than enough to light up a large area with it’s diffused output.Despite it’s power the lantern can run for long times up to 408 hours in the Downward 1 level (5 lumens).

Thanks in part due to it’s big capacity rechargeable Li-ion battery. The Fenix ARB-L21-5000 V2 has a capacity of 5000mAh, but the CL26R PRO can also run off of 18650 cells using the ALF-18 adapter.

A built in Type C port for charging the cell, and it has a type A port, so you can use it as a power bank for charging a phone or other device.

A built in retractable hook for secure mounting, and a magnetic top. This lantern also has a clever and easy to use rotary switch control on the front.

It’s durable build is rated to IP66 water and dust resistance, and drop tested to 1 metre.It’s a compact unit at 66.4mm diameter x 114mm height, and a weigh of 199g (no battery).

Multiple Light Sources, with simple Rotary dial control

Camping lanterns typically have a single light source, sometimes a Red. This time Fenix has stepped up their game and provided multiple angle of light, all controlled via a simple and quick to use rotary dial on the front of the lantern.

The Kelvin range is from 4000K-6800K, and with 9 modes overall you have a very broad range of light output to pick from.

Main White LED light ranges in 3 levels from 500, 200, and 50 lumens. The Front light is fixed at 25 lumens (useful for reading or working on an item in front of the lantern), and 3 levels for the downward light, 150, 50, and 5 lumens. 2 Red modes are rated to 3 lumens with a static and flashing option.

Much more versatile than most lanterns, this model from Fenix is going to be popular with users who want a powerful, yet compact model with a long run time and built in power bank.

Fenix CL26R PRO Key Features

> Up to 650 lumens output (combined) with a beam diameter or 15 metres.
> Available in 3 colors Olive Drab, Grey Camo, White Marble
> Choice of multiple light directions: Main Lantern, Front Light, Downward lighting, Red Light (with static flashing mode)
> Front Rotary switch control for simple UI
> Run time of 408 hours (downward beam 5 lumens)
> Small size: 66.4mm diameter x 114mm height, and a weigh of 199g (no battery)
> Built in hook and magnetic top
> Powered by a high capacity 21700 Li-ion battery (5000mAh), compatible with 18650 cells (with adapter)
> Low voltage warning and protection, thermal management built in
> Type C charging port with Type A port for power bank function
> Durable built, IP66 water and dust resistance, and drop tested to 1 metre

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