Introducing Fenix HL32R-T Dual Beam/Power 800 lumens Headlamp

Introducing Fenix HL32R-T Dual Beam/Power 800 lumens Headlamp

This upgrade model from Fenix offers some notable improvements compared to the previous HL32R model it replaces. The HL32R-T has increased the power output from 600 lumens to 800 lumens, a longer beam distance of 132 metres, and it now has a type C charging port, with a wider more comfortable headband.

Fenix have 2 distinct beam patterns on the HL32R-T, a spotlight mode has 3 power levels from 800 lumens to 70 lumens, the floodlight beam has a high output of 200 lumens down to a low mode of 5 lumens. An SOS is also present making a total of 7 modes.

Another change is the inclusion of the high capacity ARB-LP1900 battery pack (1900mAh), this can be recharged in the headlamp, replaced, or keep a spare as a back up. In addition to this, you can use 3 x AAA batteries, giving you two power sources for this model. With the battery pack run time is as long as 150 hours (floodlight 5lm mode).

Fenix has upgraded the headband, it’s wider (36mm), perforated to ventilation, has reflective markings and features their rotary sport headband system – for rapid fitting and adjustment.

The body material is made from the very strong yet light magnesium alloy, the size is small at 66mm x 45mm x 30mm, and weight of just 107g including the battery pack.

With a weather resistance rating of IP66 and drop tested to 2 metres the Fenix is a tough unit, and is temperature resistant to -35 degrees Celsius up to 45 degrees Celsius.

2 Beams Spotlight & Floodlight – with a top output of 800 lumens

Fenix are using the Luminus SST20LED (6500K) for the main white beam, and a Neutral White for the floodlight beam (4000K).

The main Spotlight beam is a cooler white and has 3 power levels 70, 200 and 800 lumens. At the highest level the range reaches 132 metres. Floodlight power levels are from 5, 70 and 200 lumens, with a range of 30 metres (200lm). The flood also has the SOS mode and power can last as long as 150 hours (5 lumens) or using the Spotlight 20 hours (70lm).

They also have a stride frequency sensor, this adjusts the brightness depending on how fast you are moving or running.

Both beams offer great flexibility for this headlamp, it is ideal for many applications, hiking, running, work, or general purpose. Due to it’s small size and low weight it never burdens wearing it.

Dual Switches for individual beam control

Fenix are using two large top buttons, each one controls a separate beam pattern. Making operation very easy. A longer push/hold for On/Off (on both switches), single presses change the output level. A long press on both switches locks out, and unlocks the headlamp (3 seconds).

The supplied battery pack is removable giving a longer term use of the headlamp. Rated at 1900mAh ( ARB-LP1900) it’s a high capacity cell which gives long run times and is easily replaced. When removed there is space for powering the headlamp with the very common and easy to find AAA battery, 3 of these fit in. You can carry extra cells around for longer run times, or if you are off grid and in the wilderness!

Fenix has a 4 level battery indicator on the front of the headlamp, so you can quickly see how much capacity is left. It takes only 3 hours to charge the battery pack from flat to full.

A high grade HAIII anodized and hardened aluminum finish will ensure the rigours of use in many environments, and resist damage/marks.

Magnesium Alloy body for strength and durability, this light but strong metal means the headlamp has a weight of just 107g. And is full weather resistant to IP66, drop tested to 2 metres and temperature resistant too.

Fenix HL32R-T Key Features

> Dual LED Spotlight and Floodlight LED beams with a top output of 800 lumens (Spotlight) and 200 lumens (floodlight)
Range of up to 132 metres (spotlight high 800lm)
3 Power levels for each beam pattern, with an SOS mode
Spotlight: Luminus SST20 (6500K), Floodlight Neutral White (4000K)
Dual power: High capacity removable LP1900 Li-ion battery (1900mAh) or 3 x AAA batteries
New wider perforated headband with reflective markings and sport system quick adjustment
Small and light:  66mm x 45mm x 30mm, and weight of 107g
Up to 150 hours run time (floodlight mode 5 lumens)
Dual switches for individual beam control and easy operation
4 stage battery level indicator
Lock out function for storage/transportationType C charging port, quick charging flat to full in 3 hours
Stride frequency sensor – adjusts brightness depending on running speed
High grade Magnesium Alloy body – drop tested to 2 metres with IP66 weather resistance

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