Introducing Niteize RL2 & RL3 Rechargeable Lanterns for camping and emergencies

Introducing Niteize RL2 & RL3 Rechargeable Lanterns for camping and emergencies

Two new lanterns from Niteize have just been released. The RL2 and RL3 are both compact rechargeable models, but with some additional features which could be quite useful for users.

The key differences between the RL2 Lantern and RL3 Lantern are the RL2 is slightly cheaper, has a 400 lumens top output (compared to the 500 lumens on the RL3). The RL3 has a larger capacity battery, and the ability to use 3x AA batteries as a back up or power overflow. On the RL3 the lantern will auto switch over to the AA cells if the main internal rechargeable battery is under 10% remaining capacity.

Both include an Amber warm light with a flickering and continuous mode, with a power output of 25 lumens. Flickering simulates a flame, and is useful for visual effect, but also helps with sleep preparation due to the warm tint which is relaxing.

Normal white light output on both models is as follows:
--RL2 Lantern: 5, 40, 200, 400 lumens
--RL3 Lantern: 5, 50, 250, 500 lumens

RL2 Lantern has a maximum run time of 6 hours and 20 mins on the White High (400 lumens), with a run time of 56 hours on the Amber flicker mode. The bag also acts as a diffuser to give a smooth even beam output perfect for use camping or as a working light.

RL3 Lantern Can run for up to 10 hours using the built in battery, or 20 hours 45 mins with the Li-ion and AA cells (500 lumens), with an extended run time with the Amber flicker of 75 hours and 40 minutes (180 hours Li-ion and AA). And an integrated USB output port lets you use them as a mobile power bank for phones or other items.

An integrated USB charging port (type C) is included on both of these models, with charge times from flat to full for the built in Li-ion battery; 3.5 hours for the RL2, and 6 hours for the RL3. A Red/Green charging indicator LED is built into the body.

A simple UI with push button interface and lock-out helps make them easy to operate.

Niteize have built these lanterns out of strong high strength materials, drop tested to 1 metre with IPX4 water and dust resistance. You can use the lanterns in harsh weather conditions, even in heavy rainfall.

With the built in clip/carabiner you can hang it up, and store it in the supplied bag for transportation. These compact high quality lanterns are a must have campers and other outdoor users who need a high quality light source with a strong build and long run times.

Niteize RL2 & RL3  Key Features

> Up to 400 (RL2) or 500 (RL3) lumens output, with 4 power levels in total
> Built in Li-ion rechargeable battery (RL2 & RL3) with option to use 3 x AA cells for back up power (RL3)
> Amber mode, static and flicking effect to simulate a flame (25 lumens)
> Long run times 144 hours (RL2 5 lumens white light), 220 hours (Li-ion) or 400 hours (Li-ion + AA)
> Large switch with simple UI and lock-out
> Compact form factor with built in hook
> USB Type C charging with charge level indicator
> Fast charging: 3.5 hours RL2, 6 hours RL3
> Power bank functionality
}> IPX4 water resistant rated, and drop tested to 1 metre
> Strong body construction with diffuser bag for a soft even spread out light source

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