Introducing Olight’s First White LED & UV Light

Introducing Olight’s First White LED & UV Light

Another model in the Arkfeld range, in addition to the normal white LED, Olight have put a UV LED next to it offering dual functionality. With a higher performance white LED (with 2 color temperatures available), Cool and Neutral White; 5700K-6700K for the Cool, and 4000K-5000K for Neutral White.

5 Power levels are available from 1000 lumens in Turbo, the other ones being 300lm, 60lm, 15lm, and a 1lm output.UV LED is 580mW, it is well suited to checking for counterfeit notes, inspecting areas for dirt/dust, or other activities.

It features the same slim body shape, which is ideal for carrying in a pocket. With anti slip grooves on the side, help give a secure grip. A two way pocket clip, with an option to attach a lanyard to the body, and a built in magnetic base.

Arkfeld UV is a compact carry option, at a mere 110mm x 25mm x 15mm in size (4.3” x 0.98” x 0.59”), and a mere 87g in weight (3.07oz),A weather resistance rating of IPX7, ensures the Arkfeld UV can be used even in harsh weather conditions.

5 Power Levels with choice of Cool/Neutral White & UV LED

Despite being small the Arkfeld UV can punch an impressive 1000 lumens in Turbo (with a range of 85 metres). The other 4 power levels are well spread out at 300 lumens, 60 lumens, 15 lumens and a very low moonlight of 1 lumen for up close activities. At the moonlight level the Olight can run for up to 8 days. A strobe is also available.

Your choice of LED can be cool white or neutral white, making it ideal for many activities or as an EDC carry.The UV LED is custom designed, a 580mV power, with a wavelength of 365nm, and can run for up to 4 hours.

Charging is via Olight’s magnetic MCC system, with a built in high capacity 1050mAh Li-ion polymer battery. Checking the power level is easy with the clear 5 stage battery indicator, showing you how much capacity is left.

Simple operation with the Button and Ring switch design

Operating the Arkfeld is very intuitive, thanks to the simplistic design and well thought out UI. The central button turns the light On/Off, and pressing it adjust the white LED levels (1-5).A simple flick of the outside ring lets you pick the normal White LED output or the UV LED.

In addition to this a lock out is also available, as well as a quick access to Turbo and Strobe modes.

The Arkfeld features a single mould heat treated aluminum body, to ensure long service life with a durable and strong design, a weather resistance of IPX7 rounds off an impressive performer in a very small EDC friendly form factor. It’s an ideal pocket or backpack carry, or a useful every day carry for home or at work.

Olight Arkfeld UV Key Features

> 5 power levels with a maximum output of 1000 lumens (Turbo) and a range of 85 metres
> Choice of Cool or Neutral White for Main LED
> 5 Stage battery level indicator
> Up to 8 days run time (1 lumen moonlight level)
> Magnetic Base/Tail with anti slip body design
> UV LED for detection of counterfeit notes and other inspections
> Slim, compact body with a size of just 110mm x 25mm x 15mm in size (4.3” x 0.98” x 0.59”), and a weight of 87g (3.07oz)
> High capacity 1050mAh built in battery with Magnetic charging (MCC)
> Double clip design with lanyard hold, for multiple carry options
> Simple UI with a button and outer switch design, quick access to Strobe/Turbo
> Single piece strong  Aluminum alloy body – with IPX7 weather resistance

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