Introducing Petzl ARIA Series Headlamps for professional users

Introducing Petzl ARIA Series Headlamps for professional users

This new ARIA series of headlamps feature enhanced rugged build quality deigned to endure the most difficult condition. They come in 4 variations.

ARIA A2R – Rechargeable. Flood/Mixed Beam 600 lumens,
ARIA 1R – Rechargeable, Flood Beam 450 lumens,
ARIA 2 – Flood/Mixed Beam 450 lumens,
ARIA 1 – Flood Beam – 350 lumens.

The design of these headlamps is for longer term and frequent use, and they have been made from the finest high grade materials to ensure ultimate reliability you would expect from Petzl.

Some models feature a built in battery or they can also be used with AAA cells.Drop proof up to 2 metres, they are IP67 rated for dust/water resistance.A single switch design gives consistency and ease of use across the range.

ARIA A2R Model – 600 Lumens Flood/Mixed Beam

At the top of the range is the A2R, this one has the highest output of 600 lumens and a beam distance of 115 metres., with 2 additional levels (100lm) and 7lm. Using the CORE rechargeable battery which is included (1250mAh capacity), with it’s built in charging port.

Recharge times are around 3.5 hours for the battery pack, with charge status LED indicators.

You can also use 3 x AAA batteries, either Alkaline or Ni-MH rechargeable cells. The outputs for the AAA batteries fitted are 450 lumens, 100 lumens and 7 lumens. With a range of 100 meters (450lm).

Having dual power sources gives users an important second source for a back up.

A secure high visibility headband gives a secure and comfortable fit, it can be removed and cleaned if necessary. And the bracket allows for angle adjustment helping to direct the light where you need it.

It is also possible to use it on Slot Adapt, or Helmet Adapt plates, giving compatibility with many hard helmets.With a weight of 95g it adds very little burden to the user even for extended periods of time.

Rugged Build with Simple Single Button Operation

A hard life is to be expected for any headlamp that is actively used, and in this case Petzl have ensured the best possible materials are used in the construction.

It’s impact resistant (IK07 rated) and drop tested for 2 metres (ANSI Plato FL 1), with a dustproof and wast resistance rating of IP67.

A battery charge level indicator shows the battery status every time the headlamp is turned on or offering.

The single large button is easy to find with gloves on, and gives simplicity to the user interface. A lock function is included to prevent accidental operation.

With 4 models to chose from the ARIA series has much to offer users who require the highest level of reliability and consistency.

Petzl ARIA A2R Key Features

> 600 lumens output with a Mixed/Flood beam and a range of up to 115 metres (with CORE battery)
> 2 additional power levels 100lm and 7lm
> Comes with CORE rechargeable battery pack with built in charging port (1250mAh capacity)
> Run time up to 100 hours (CORE battery at 7lm level)
> Small and lightweight (95g)
> Can be powered via 3 x AAA/LR03 batteries
> Designed for regular and professional use
> Single switch UI with Lock-out function
> Quality adjustable headband, which can be washed/removed
> Plate compatible with ADAPT and SLOT ADAPT systems/connections (available separately)
> Drop proof up to 2 metres, they are IP67 rated for dust/water resistance
> Strong construction impact resistant (IK07 rated)

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