Introducing Sofirn SC02 Mini 320lm USB C Rechargeable Keychain EDC Flashlight

Introducing Sofirn SC02 Mini 320lm USB C Rechargeable Keychain EDC Flashlight

This ultra compact keychain flashlight from Sofirn is designed to be an every day carry at an affordable price. Featuring a main white LED with an output of 320 lumens (high mode), a range of 81 metres, it also has 2 more power levels, and a side LEDs with various flashing modes.

A slim body of just 70mm (length) x 23mm (head diameter), with a light weight of just 27g. It’s small enough to carry in a pocket, attach to a backpack or a keychain.

The body is made of quality materials, type 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, and polycarbonate. The use of good quality durable materials should ensure a long service life, and with a rating of IP65, and impact resistance of 1 metre, the Sofirn SC02 will be reliable in all types of weather conditions.

3 Power Levels with a High CRI LED and Flashing Side LEDs

The main LED can reach as high as 320 lumens output, an impressive feat for such a small light, with a quoted range of 81 metres thanks to a specially designed TIR optical lens to ensure an even beam pattern; a medium level is 100 lumens with a low output for up close activities, at 20 lumens (range of 22 metres). High CRI rating of 90 ensures that the color reproduction is more accurate and many people find it more pleasing to the eyes. Run time is up to 7 hours at the low mode or 15 hours for the flashing side LEDs.

The side LEDs can be used for signalling or warnings, with 5 modes available including flashing red, and red/blue. Very useful for attaching to a backpack or when cycling to ensure you are seen clearly, ensuring your own safety.

With the built in Li-ion battery, charging is via the type C connection, with a LED

Indicator on the side switch showing the charging progress and when it is completed. A low battery warning also features, glowing red when the battery level is between 30-69%, and green when it is above 70%.

Simple user operation

A single well positioned/sized side switch allows for very easy operation of the SC02

It’s a well designed carry thanks to the included double clip, a simple attachment to a pocket or bag, for a secure carry.

Sofirn have also included a solid bundle with the SC02, you get a wrist strap, 2 spare O rings, two way clip and a type C charging cable.

It’s an attractive design, small yet offers a good power output and the price is very appealing for a flashlight in this category. Ideal as a back up or as a smaller option; this small light is a great pocket everyday carry or one to take when camping or hiking.

Sofirn SC02 Key Features

> High CRI LED (>90) with 3 power levels with a maximum output of 320 lumens and a range of 81 metres
TIP optical lens for a smooth beam pattern
Side LEDs with 5 different flashing modes (red/blue)
Small size of 70mm (length) x 23mm (head diameter), with a light weight of 27g. Ideal keychain or pocket carry
Low battery level indicator (Green/Red 2 stages)
Up to 15 hours run time (flashing) and 7 hours (low mode main LED)
Built in battery with Type C charging port
Double clip design, lanyard and spare O rings
Simple UI with single side switch
Quality body material hardened 6061-T6 aluminum alloy, and polycarbonate
IP65 weather resistance drop tested to 1 metre

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