Superfire Release G19 Multi function LED/COB 800 lumen flashlight & headlamp

Superfire Release G19 Multi function LED/COB 800 lumen flashlight & headlamp

The G19 unusual looking flashlight has some practical and useful features including a rotating head and COB sidelight.The main LED output is 800 lumens at the highest output, the COB LED (chip on board) has 3 modes including a white light output, a red and flashing red modes.

Power is via a 14500 battery, with a built in Type A port integrated into the flashlight body, with rapid charging (around 2.5 hours flat to full).

A clever feature is the 90 degree rotating head, which lets you adjust the light angle. You can have it forward facing, use the clip to attach it to a work jacket, or bag – giving you hands free forward light if needed, or used as a headlamp thanks to the supplied headband.

A 360 degree adjustable magnetic base also gives you increased versatility as a work light, or if you are out camping or hiking, where you might need to use both hands.

High quality aluminum alloy body, for longer term durability, which is impact tested to 1 metre drop distance, and it is rated to IP55 water resistance for use in all weather conditions.It has a size of 172mm x 27mm x 27mm and a weight of 245g.

5 modes with a top ouput of 800 lumens

The main head LED features an output up to 800 lumens, with a second lower level (around 200 lumens), and range can be from 100-200 metres.

COD has a wider beam spread, giving an even lighting pattern, useful for work tasks or camping where a larger illumination might be required. A red output is also present, and a flashing red for emergency signalling.

A built in charging port is a type A variety, so you can unscrew the base of the flaslight (it has an O ring seal for water resistance), and plug it directly into a charging source. It only takes about 2.5 hours for a full charge.

Operating this flashlight is simple, a single side button means it’s quick and easy to cycle through the 5 modes, it’s also ideal for use as a headlamp thanks to this switch position.

The body features a more boxy design, with flat edges, this gives an anti roll effect and means you can place the flashlight on flat surfaces without fear of it rolling away.

A strong clip is built into the back, so you can attach it to a backpack, pocket, or the headband cradle quickly and securely.This unusual design flashlight has many uses, but it’s a very affordable and cost effective way to get a model which offers normal flashlight, side COB light, and the ability to “transform” into a headlamp.

Superfire Multi function LED/COB Key Features

> Multi function design, flashlight, COB sidelight and headlamp built into one
> 5 power levels with up to 800 lumens power, sidelight COB with white and red outputs (and red flashing mode)
> Up to 200 metres range (main LED high power level)
> Up to 3 hours run time
> 90 degree rotating head for main LED
> Strong magnetic base with 360 degree rotation
> 14500 rechargeable Li-ion battery with a high capacity (800mAh)
> Built in clip
> Small size:  172mm x 27mm x 27mm (length x diameter), weight of 245g
> Simple single side switch
> Includes headband/cradle to turn the flashlight into a headlamp
> Quality grade aluminum alloy construction, for long term use/durability
> IP55 rated with water/dust resistance and drop tested to 1 metre

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