Introducing Surefire M622V Scout Weapon Light With Integrated IR LED

Introducing Surefire M622V Scout Weapon Light With Integrated IR LED

Designed for rifle use, this high quality USA designed and built weapon light has a power output of 350 lumens, with a run time up to 2.5 hours, and a range of 225 metres.

It also features an IR mode and the ability to switch between both modes quickly.Available in Black and Tan color options.It has a field adjustable AMD (American Defense Manufacturing) lever mount, and can work on any MIL-STD 1913 rail.

DS07 Switch has a click control On/Off, which can also be positioned via the tape remote switch.Power is via two CR123A Lithium cells.

This is a premium quality light and features the type of superior build you would expect, ensuring the stable and reliable operation during extensive field use. The M622V is rated to IPX7 for full weather resistance in all conditions, thanks to superior O ring seals. And Mil Spec hard type III anodized finish to resist marks and damage.

The size is 156mm (6.13”) x 27mm (1.06”) length x diameter, and weight of 209g (7.4oz).

350 lumens output with a range of 225 metres and integrated IR LED

A well defined beam pattern which is suitable for rapid target acquisition, is made possible with a custom TIR optical lens, this has enough reach and spill for both longer and closer range use.

The Surefire has a range of 225 metres and a candela of 12750cd.It also features an IR LED avoiding the need for an add on filter, this has a run time of 16.75 hours and an IR output of 120mw/860nm.

Control the output selection and switching from the normal to IR mode, by rotating the head.The CR123A cells are easy to find and most offer a long 10 year storage lifespan.

This model from Surefire is well suited for the discerning weapon/rifle light user, who requires a higher level of quality.

Operation is via the tail cap switch or via the remote/taped switches, a simple On/Off and momentary mode.

Surefire M622V Key Features

> 350 Lumens output with up to 225m range, with a candela of 12750
> Built in IR LED
> Black and Tan color options
> Rotating head to switch between normal White LED and IR LED
> Suitable for rifle mounting MIL-STD 1913 rail types
> Tail Cap Switch operation or via the SR Pressure/tap switches
> Power via 2 x CR123A batteries
> Size: 156mm x 27mm (length x diameter), weight of 209g
> TIR Optical lens for excellent beam profile at short and longer distances
> Mil Spec hard type anodized finish and IPX7 water resistance rating

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