Introducing Surefire P1RZ-B-DFT Dual Power 1500 lumens combat flashlight

Introducing Surefire P1RZ-B-DFT Dual Power 1500 lumens combat flashlight

A striking design on this new Surefire flashlight, clearly designed for tactical users, and users with a pistol, yet it can also be used hand held thanks to some excellent ergonomic elements.

A top output of 1500 lumens can reach as far as 315 metres, with a candela of 25,200 – this gives a good mix of range with some spread.

Power is via a supplied 18650 (this has a micro USB port built in so it is charged directly), but it can also run off 2 x CR123A (16340) batteries with an output of 1,100 lumens (range of 255 metres).

The P1RZ-B-DFT has a very low drain on the battery, even left unused for 2-3 years it will still have a usable capacity left in the battery (as little as 40uA drain).

Surefire are using their high quality Military grade hard anodized aluminum alloy body, this is strong and durable, and rated to IPX7 which resists dirt/dust and water. It’s modest in weight and size, with a length of 14.2cm (5.6”) and a bezel diameter or 3.5cm (1.39”), weight is 164.3g (6.5oz).

Longer range 316 beam with an output of 1500 lumens

By using a newly designed micro textured reflector, Surefire get the most out of the 1500 lumens output, giving a nice range of up to 316 metres, with a spread of light which also gives a good spill.

The “CombatGrip” design also gives you a secure hold, and when holding this flashlight and using a pistol, you can be confident it won’t be knocked out of your hand, partly down to the silicone padded tactical ring which gives grip and cushioning. Using the Surefire/Rogers technique gives a solid grip on the weapon and light at the same time, without compromising grip or accuracy.

Power is via the supplied 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery, this cell has a micro USB port for charging, and charge/completed LED indicator. If you prefer you can use 2 x CR123A cells (or 16340 rechargeable ones), the output is slightly lower at 1,100 lumens.

Ergonomic Tailcap Switch with locking mechanism

Using a high quality tailcap switch, the operation is fast and easy to find even with gloves on, as the switch protrudes enough to be found by touch alone. A simple click for On/Off, and as expected Surefire have robust switch mechanism. To avoid any accidental activation, they have also incorporated a “twist lock” mechanism on the switch (patented design). Simply rotate it clockwise to lock, counter clockwise to unlock.

The flashlight is designed from the ground up to deal with the rigours of weapon recoil, thus protecting the LED, using a combination of strong springs and premium materials. Rated to IPX7 weather resistance, and using heat treated aluminum alloy, with a hard coating to resist marks and damage. The Surefire is a quality combat flashlight which will give many years service.

Surefire P1RZ-B-DFT Key Features

> Powerful 1500 lumens output with a range of 215 metres (18650 battery)
> Micro textured reflector with a candela of 25,200 for a longer range beam with a good spill
> Dual power source: 18650 or CR123A (16340)
> Run time up to 3.5 hours (18650 battery)
> High quality tail cap switch with locking mechanism
> 18650 battery with built in charging port (micro USB)
> Combat flashlight with recoil proof design – designed for use with a pistol
> Hard Anodized MIL-A-B625 Type III aluminum body
> IPX7 water resistance, tempered glass with anti reflective coating
> Compatible with Surefire V70 speed holster (available separately)
> Size: 14.2cm (5.6”) and a bezel diameter or 3.5cm (1.39”), weight of 164.3g (6.5oz)




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