Introducing the Sorfin SD09 Diving Flashlight With Long Runtime

Introducing the Sorfin SD09 Diving Flashlight With Long Runtime

The Sorfin SD09 Diving Flashlight is a new release from Sorfin Lighting. The flashlight delivers up to 3400 lumens on the highest setting, and what’s even more interesting about it is that it can run for extremely long periods on just a single charge. It’s already available for shipping, and it’s priced at $44.99 on Sorfin’s official website.

Being a diving flashlight doesn’t mean that the SD09 is exclusively meant for underwater operations. Whether you're a security officer, an adventurer who maneuvers around dark corners, or an everyday flashlight user, the flashlight can still serve your needs. 

Super Bright and Reliable Flashlight

The Sofirn SD09 underwater flashlight produces a neutral white light using a powerful LED. Also, it boasts a brightness level of 3400 lumens and can effectively illuminate up to 100 meters below water, providing a broad and unobstructed view of the environment around you. Of course, if it delivers underwater, it can deliver in several environments and conditions as well. For it to perform underwater, it means that there are special materials that make it capable of surviving such conditions for a long time. Well, the flashlight is made up of a long-lasting and corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, which has been given a hard-anodized finish. There’s also a tempered glass lens and a double O ring seal which withstands pressure. 

Practical and Versatile 

The SD09 serves your needs whether you're an everyday user or a beginner. Whether it’s your first-day diving or you’re a professional, you will find the flashlight to be not only accommodating but also practical. Even on the first touch, the Sorfin SD09 Diving Flashlight will meet your needs and expectations. It gives you an amazing experience and allows you to enjoy the beauty of the underwater world like never before. 

Compact and Easy to Carry 

On the tail cap of the EDC flashlight, it’s a slot to which you can attach a wrist strap to help you have the flashlight with you all the time so you don't lose it when you are in action underwater. Attaching the flashlight to a safe place where you know its security alone enhances your diving experience and makes you confident and comfortable. Also, the flashlight is just lightweight. It weighs only about 203 grams without the battery included. Its size of 48 mm × 26 mm × 142.6 mm also ensures it fits inside your packing gear. 

Long Lasting and Easy to Operate 

Apart from its versatility and practicality, the SD09 is engineered to give you the best underwater experience that suits your needs and preferences. It runs on a rechargeable 21700 Li-ion battery for up to 15 hours on the lowest setting (lo mode). There’s also an indicator that shows the amount of battery power remaining. This helps you avoid accidental power shortages as you can charge it immediately when the power goes down. Also, the flashlight offers three modes; high, medium, and low. These can be effortlessly toggled using a side-mounted e-switch that’s easy to access.

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