Introducing Wurkkos H25LR Dual Output White/Red Headlamp

Introducing Wurkkos H25LR Dual Output White/Red Headlamp

This new affordable model from Wurkkos offers a very useful dual output with both White and Red LED emitters.

The White LED is also a high CRI offering, with a color temperature of 5000K, which is close to daylight, for a more comfortable and realistic impression of colors.

It’s capable of an output of 500 lumens in Turbo mode, with 3 additional lower levels.The read LED also has 4 levels too giving you a wide range of lighting options for all uses. Red is well suited for some users to help preserve night vision, and is less distracting to others or animals.

180 degree angle adjustment for accurate beam placement, with a good quality adjustable headband.

Power is via a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery (3000mAh).A micro USB charging port offers convenient charging, with a screw cover protecting it, and it has a large green side switch for quick and easy UI operation.

IPX6 rated for water and dust resistance and it’s made using heat treated aluminum alloy, and should provide long term reliability in all types of weather conditions.

Choice of White or Red LED output, up to 500 lumens

The H25LR is using 2 types of LED. A LH351D (White 5000K), which has a high CRI rating of 90, and the SST20 DR Red LED which is 660nm.

The white features a top level of 500 lumens, a medium of 230 lumens, and two low modes one at 35 lumens and a moonlight which is rated to 1 lumen. This wide range of levels lets you select the ideal output from a longer distance to up close. And the red has many uses including hunting, surveillance or to help keep night vision.

Micro USB port is built into the headlamp body, this makes it easy to re-charge the 18650 battery (3000mAh), simply unscrew the end to reveal it and screw it back in place to protect the port. Charging times are from 4-6 hours for the 18650 cell. It also features a charge level LED indicator.

An easy to reach switch on the side lets you operate the headlamp, and it features an intuitive UI for ease of use.

Quality aluminum alloy bod will ensure long term durability and thanks to it’s weather resistance range of IPX6 it will give many years reliable service.

Wurkkos H25LR Key features

> Main White LED with 4 power levels and a top output of 500 lumens
> Red LED with 4 levels and 660nm wavelength
> High CRI 90> White Emitter (LH351D 5000K)
> Charge level LED indication
> Adjustable quality headband
> Concealed micro USB charging port (charge time 4-6 hours)
> High capacity 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery (3000mAh)
> Singe switch for simple UI
> Hard anodized aero grade aluminum body, for strong build quality
> IPX6 water and dust resistance rating

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