All-new Upgrade JETBEam IIIM ULTRA: Adopts High-efficiency Digital Constant Current Circuit

All-new Upgrade JETBEam IIIM ULTRA: Adopts High-efficiency Digital Constant Current Circuit

The classic appearance of JETBEAM flashlight has always been sought after by new and old users, and 3m has been updated many times. The JETBEam IIIM ULTRA is the latest direct charging model of 3m series.

The JETBeam IIIM ULTRA three-switch tactical flashlight is a flashlight that can be charged and discharged with a built-in Type-c charging interface with three switches on the tail. Single 3500mAh power 18650 battery drive, equipped with one CREE XHP35 HD led lamp bead. It adopts aircraft-grade aluminum alloy structure and three-level hard anodizing treatment. The luminous flux covers 40-2000 lumens. JETBeam IIIM ULTRA head diameter: 35.3mm, tail diameter: 26.4mm, length: 142mm, weight: 120g (without battery). IIIM ULTRA adopts high-efficiency digital constant current circuit; New generation of IC digital circuit design, LED and battery dual function protection, patented tail three switches, humanized power indicator reminder function and other intimate design, and with mobile power function, can charge mobile phones and other electronic products in reverse. Enough to meet the needs of outdoor travel, family use and so on.

The JETBeam IIIM ULTRA is packaged in a cardboard box, and the main body is black. The front is mainly the brand and model, as well as the main picture of the flashlight, the introduction of the maximum luminous flux and several important features, giving people a sense of clarity. The top of the box is provided with a hanging hole for convenient hanging.

All configurations of the flashlight: a JETBeam III M flashlight, including a 3500mAh 18650 battery, a USB charging and discharging cable, a manual, warranty card and certificate, sealing rubber ring, hand rope and flashlight cover.

Turning the tail cover counterclockwise, you can see that the merchant carefully placed a transparent insulating sheet at the tail of the battery, which can better protect the flashlight circuit from connecting the positive and negative poles during transportation.

There is a fine knurling at the opening and closing position of the tail finger, which can increase friction and easily twist the tail cover when replacing the battery. In the figure below, you can see the rope holes at the end of the flashlight, one on each side of the III M.

The tail tactical forward switch is mainly used to produce non-sound flash language in tactical coordination in order to achieve the purpose of "silent communication". There is a side switch on both sides of the main switch, which has the same function and can be operated by both left and right hands. The surface of the main switch made of silica gel has round particle bulges, which can be easily touched even with gloves.

The flashlight is also designed with a TYPE-C interface, and a three-proof protective cover is added to the charging port, which can effectively prevent water, dust and sediment.

The flashlight head is designed with a power indicator. In the shutdown state, click the button on the tail side to enter the power indicator, which will be closed after displaying twice. Red light 1 flashes when the power is below 10%; red light 2 flashes when the power is between 11% and 40%; red light 3 flashes when power is between 41% and 90%; Over 91% of the battery, the red light flashes 4.

The flashlight is equipped with a TYPE-C charging port. The red indicator light lights up during charging and the green light switches to full charge. Maximum charge current 1.8 A. The flashlight can be used during charging.

The III M circuit has the function of mobile power supply, and the green light is on when discharging. If you use two CR123 batteries and the voltage exceeds 5.3 V, the flashlight will not turn green when you discharge the phone. In the discharge, the flashlight can be used.

The JETBeam III M is equipped with a 3500mAh 18650 battery, which is also designed with a TYPE-C charging port. The III M can also use disposable lithium batteries 2 * CR123A.

The stainless steel clip is treated in black, which is consistent with the color of the flashlight and is more harmonious. The holding clip has moderate hardness, and the flashlight can be conveniently clamped on the bag and the edge of the pocket by using the holding clip, so that the holding clip does not occupy space and is convenient to carry.

In addition, the flashlight cover can also be used, which can ensure that the flashlight will not be rubbed by hard objects such as keys and cause the body to be exposed. There is also the English LOGO of JETBeam on the flashlight cover.

The head attack head can be used as a window-breaking escape tool in an emergency, in addition, that non-planar design of the attack head can be use for buffering the falling force to better protect the core component of the flashlight from bee damaged in case of accidental falling, and can also be used for emergency self-defense when going out. Double-coated scratch-resistant optical lenses with up to 99% light transmission. The function of coating is to reduce the intensity of reflected light, thereby increasing the intensity of transmitted light, making the object seen clearer and making greater use of flashlight.

III M is equipped with one CREE XHP35 HD led lamp bead, which is matched with the orange peel light cup, so the floodlight effect is better, and the flashlight lamp bead is installed without deflection.

Strobe is to look at the screen of another electrical appliance in the screen of one electrical appliance, and the screen of another electrical appliance will have a bright line from the bottom of the screen to the top, and then appear from the bottom. If it goes on like this, it will give us the feeling that the image is flashing. Long-term exposure to this environment can cause headaches and eye fatigue, photosensitive epilepsy, vision loss and distraction. III M circuit optimization is good, and there is no strobe at low brightness.

This JETBEAM IIIM ULTRA flashlight is as classic as ever. It is more convenient to upgrade. The use process is also a very good experience. As a flashlight player, ordinary users can start.

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