Introducing Ledlenser HF8R Series 1600/2000 lumens Headlamps

Introducing Ledlenser HF8R Series 1600/2000 lumens Headlamps

3 new premium headlamp models from respected maker Ledlenser, offering the same rugged design, but with some differences in the output and beam distance.

The HF8R Work flashlight and Core have an output of 1600 lumens and a range of 210 metres. The other difference with the Work and Core is the included items in the bundle. Work has a more extensive range of items including multiple mounts (wall and helmet), and a bracket. The Core as the name suggests is the basic unit. But both come with the comfort pad and magnetic charging cable. Work features a yellow appearance mixed with grey.

Top model is the Signature, this has a power output of 2000 lumens, and a beam distance of 220 metres. This comes a universal mounting system, comfort pad (to fit behind the body of the headlamp) and magnetic charging cable.

Rechargeable battery can be fully charged in 270 minutes, giving a long run time up to 90 minutes.

Signature has additional functions, the ability to connect to a phone via the app, RGB (Red/Green/Blue) output LEDs with a blinking mode, Core and Work feature a Red LED. In addition to the normal white LED light which all have.

Solid build quality thanks to the rugged aluminum alloy case material, with high grade reflective headbands, IP68 water and dust resistance, and drop tested to 2 metres height.

Choice of 3 models Core, Work and Signature, with magnetic charging system

Users can select the model they might want, with the Signature offering the most power and functionality (with RGB LED’s), the Work has the largest accessory bundle (as the name suggests ideal for working environments), with Core offering the same quality body, with only the basic items you need to get going.

4 levels for the normal White LED, in addition to an adaptive dimming mode where the light output is adjusted automatically. Giving users a hands free experience, ideal for working.

Battery level indicator has 4 levels, with a 5 stage charging indicator.They all feature a simple UI with a transportation lock function, and mode memory.Additional mounts are available including ones for Go Pro cameras.

Ledlenser HF8R Series Headlamps: Key Features

> Choice of 3 models Core, Work, or Signature
> Output up to 1600/2000 lumens with a range of 210/220 metres
> Red LED Light (Core/Work models)
> RGB (Red/Green/Blue) LEDs (Signature model)
> Up to 90 hours run time
> App functionality (Signature model)
> Hands free adaptive dimming mode
> Magnetic USB charging
> 4 stage battery level, 5 stage LED charging indicators
> Lock mode with mode memory
> Advanced focus system
> Extensive bundles and helmet and wall mounts included in different versions (Work has the largest selection), with optional Go Pro mount available
> Strong aluminum alloy case with quality adjustable headband
> IP68 Dust and water resistant, drop tested to 2 metres

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