Light fast, super sharp: It’s not a flashlight, it’s Olight Mettle Folder Knife!

Light fast, super sharp: It’s not a flashlight, it’s Olight Mettle Folder Knife!

Olight keeps updating their blade portfolio, and this time we welcome their latest addition, with button lock, blade bearings for a smooth opening, built with solid G10 handles and thought 154CM steel, the Mettle can be both your next EDC or your outdoor blade.

With a drop point blade 3.24” long and a 4.26” handle, the Mettle is an easy to carry folding knife (weighting in at just 3.69 oz, and with an overall length of 7.5” when opened), yet very capable thanks to a very high grind blade geometry that generates a very sharp cutting edge (blade thickness at the spine is 2.8 mm).

The drop point blade of the Mettle is a timeless classic design, providing users with a long cutting edge and a piercing but resistant tip.

The blade can be open and closed very easily thanks to its flipper ambidextrous design: just push on the flipper tab and the blade will flight out of the handle super-fast, thanks to the ball bearings washer; or press the locking button on the handle and flip the wrist, like in the movies! And to close it? Just press the button again and either flick your wrist in the opposite direction, or use your other hand to accompany the blade in the handle.

The Mettle also features a deep pocket reversible carry clip, ideal for having your Mettle secured in your pocket, away from the sight of curious people, but always ready to be deployed when needed. The Mettle also features a lanyard hole for improving your carrying options or just to attach your favorite lanyard to it.

Do you know 154 CM steel? It’s high wear and corrosion resistant, with a good edge retention, perfect both for the urban environment and the outdoor.

The G10 used for the handles is a synthetic material, lightweight, grippy and incredibly durable. It will offer you a good grip even when wet or when your hands are cold; while being reliable and impact resistant.

The metal liners are added to improve rigidity and strength to the knife during operations of high impact, weight loading or torsion; and are skeletonized to save weight.

The construction on the back of the mettle is open, to save weight and make maintenance easier: just blow in the handle some air or rinse it under tap water to have a sparking clean knife, inside and out!
The Mettle adopts T6 round head screws, a universal design that allows easily to take apart and maintain the knife when you are back from your outdoor adventures.

Available with G10 OD green handles or orange handles, the Mettle is suitable both for the outdoors and the Urban environment.

The handles of the Mettle are a bit bigger than the blade to provide a bigger gripping area, allowing you to handle the knife with big gloves or with different hand grips. Whether you are cutting a rope with a reverse grip, splitting tiny branches, carving a small icon or making wood shaving to start a fire with your bushcraft kit, the handle of the Mettle will accommodate your hand confortably, thanks to the G10 handle and leaf natural inspired shaped.

The Mettle comes with a storage bag, and a cleaning cloth to keep it always clean and ready for your next cutting tasks. Either opening a letter in your office, cutting ropes in the outdoors or fasteners on the job, the Mettle will be in your sharp ally, always ready to serve you in your pocket!
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