LOOP GEAR SK01S: A Unique Look Tactical Style Zoomable LED Flashlight

LOOP GEAR SK01S: A Unique Look Tactical Style Zoomable LED Flashlight

A very unique look to this tactical style flashight, with a modern shape and design sets it apart from many others.

It’s available in Aluminum grey, Titanium Black and Titanium Silver.The top Turbo output is an impressive 1600 lumens, with 3 other levels including an Eco mode (5 lumens) which has a run time up to 16 hours, with a 500 metre beam distance this is an ideal tactical style output, giving you an excellent long range output.

17 RGB lighting effects on the front of the flashight, with ambient lighting effects on the tail cap area.Powered via a type C charging port 18350 battery, with an adjustable rail mount tactical ring.

Drop proof up to 1 metre, it has IP67 rated for dust/water resistance, the SK01S also has a hardened silicon nitride ceramic ball designed bezel for emergency glass breaking.

Ideal EDC size of 107mm x 43mm (length x diameter), with a weight of 242g (titanium) or 188g (aluminum) with battery.

Up to 500 metres range with a powerful 1600 lumens Tactical beam

A high candela output from the SK01S (62500cd) gives an impressive range of 500 metres, punching into the darkness with it’s 1600 lumen Turbo mode.

Another 3 levels are available a High of 600 lumens, Low of 150 lumens and an Eco mode of 5 lumens. Strobe is included and it is also rated to 1600 lumens output.

An array of LED lights for ambient effects including Ice blue, Purple, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red. This includes spinning, breathing, a loop and disco mode. Tail switch ambient lights are also present with Red/Blue and Purple outputs.

Recharge times are around 1.3 hours for the 18350 battery (type C port) with charge status LED indicators. The flashlight body also has battery level indication, via the tail ambient light using Blue/Red/Purple lighting.

Tail Switch Operation with sliding lock-out mechanism

A large easy to find tail switch controls the output of the Loop Gear, this is important for rapid operation and quick access to the levels/turbo and strobe.

In a clever design twist,  they have made the body of the SK01S extendable, this lets you physically lock out the operation by covering the tail cap switch, it’s an excellent solution to any accidental operation problems, or when transporting.

This rugged body design is not only attractive but can deal with the rigours of outdoor use. Dual battery springs ensure stable operation and prevent battery damage, a stable tail stand design for when you want to direct the light source, thanks to a large base area.

Buyers have a choice of Titanium or Heat Treated Aluminum alloy body material with the ceramic ball bezel is perfect for self defense and emergency glass breaking. With secure dust and water sealing with the IP67 rating, and drop proof design tested up to 1 metre.

A compact and practical flashlight this model is going to appeal to users who want a unique looking flashlight, with lots of lighting effects and with an impressive tactical style and longer range beam.

Loop Gear SK01S Key Features

> 4 Power levels with a Turbo output of 1600 lumens and a range of 500 metres
> Choice of Titanium or Aluminum body material
> Size: 107mm x 43mm (length x diameter), weight 242g (titanium) or 188g (aluminum) with battery
> Rechargeable Li-ion 18350 battery with type C charging port, and fast recharge times (1.3 hours)
> Battery level and charge level indicators
> Strobe mode
> 17 RGB lighting effects, with ambient lighting effects on the tail cap
> Run time up to 16 hours (Eco mode 5lm)
> Tactical Ring with picatinny slider rail mechanism
> Tail cap switch with slider mechanism for a mechanical lock-out
> Silicon nitride ceramic ball bezel for self defense and emergency glass breaking
> Drop tested 1 metre, IP67 rated for superior dust/water resistance

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