Lumintop Mach 46950: All-new “soda can” style model 26000 Lumens Flashlight

Lumintop Mach 46950: All-new “soda can” style model 26000 Lumens Flashlight

This new “soda can” style model from Lumintop features a huge output of 26000 lumens and a maximum range of 520 metres.

It’s powered via a built in large capacity cylindrical Li-ion cell, with a capacity of 32,000mAh,it’s one of the newest type of rechargeable Li-ion batteries and is used in the automotive industry too. Thanks to it’s high power and performance, it is able to power high drain devices like the Lumintop Mach effortlessly.

Built in fan cooling with fan control helps tame the heat output with the Mach flashlight, and extends run times at higher power levels.

Ramping UI gives users direct control over the output, with the convenience of shortcuts and a lock out function. Run times are up to 120 days (moonlight mode 1 lumen).

It has a built in USB-C port with fast charging (4A max) and a charge level indicators, and it features a power bank function too so you can charge a phone or other device, from the high capacity battery.

A large easy to find side switch with lock-out function and battery level warning, and charge indicators with LED’s under the switch.

It’s IPX8 rated for water and dust resistance, and drop tested to 1 metre. As usual from Lumintop it  features a high grade aluminum alloy body.

Despite it’s power the Mach 46950 can be held comfortably in one hand with a size of 156mm x 51mm x 68mm (length x body x head diameter), with a weight of 830g (including battery).

Powerful 26000 lumens beam with a range of 520 metres

Using 8 x Cree XHP50.2 LEDs, the Lumintop has a candela of 67500cd and can throw as far as 520 metres at the top level of output.

A high 2 level of 8000 lumens, a high 1 level of 2500 lumens and a moonlight of 1 lumen, are available as shortcuts.

Additionally Strobe/SOS/Beacon modes are also included for emergency signalling.

Using the new style 46950 Li-ion battery, this high capacity cell offers a powerful  When you do need to recharge the battery, a convenient built in fast 4A speed type C charging port, with power level indicators makes it quick and a simple process.

You can also use the flashlight as a power bank for recharging devices on the go.

Large backlit side switch with simple ramping UI and shortcuts

Lumintop have a solid UI here, which features a ramping power level, with mode memory. You also have the important shortcuts to strobe modes, higher levels and the moonlight. Of course a lock out is included too, and it has the expected protection features such as short circuit, over discharge, voltage etc.

Heat management is an important element for any high power flashlight. Lumintop have deep grooves around the head, helping to ensure the heat generated is dissipated effectively. And the newly designed material has fine knurling to help with grip.

The built in fan can extend run times at higher levels by providing additional cooling, it can also be turned off if required.

Using high grade type III HA finishing for superior wear resistance. It is  IPX8 rated and impact tested to 1 metre. For users who demand a high performance flashlight with a long run time thanks to the big battery capacity, this model from Lumintop is likely to be a popular choice.

Lumintop Mach 46950 Key features

> 8 x Cree XHP50.2 LEDs with an output of 26000 lumens with a range of 520 metres
> 3 strobe modes (Strobe/SOS/Beacon)
> Palm sized: 156mm x 51mm x 68mm (length x body x head diameter), weight of 830g (with battery)
> High capacity built in 46950 Li-ion battery (32,000mAh)
> Type C charging port with fast 4A charging speed with support for 18W PD (power delivery), and power bank function to charge phones and other devices.
> Fine knurled body for improved grip, deep head grooves for superior heat management
> Built in fan for thermal regulation (can be switched off too)
> Battery level/check indicators
> Run time up to 120 days (Moonlight 1 lumen)
> Ramping UI gives accurate output control
> ¼ Standard tripod socket, with attachable stainless steel D ring which can be screwed into the socket
> Single back lit side switch, with mode memory, shortcuts and lock-out function
> Drop tested to 1 metre, and IPX8 water resistance rating, hardened aluminum alloy body

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