Lumintop PK21-T: A Super Bright And Ultra-throw LED Flashlight

Lumintop PK21-T: A Super Bright And Ultra-throw LED Flashlight

Lumintop Lighting has of late decided to introduce new products into the market one after another. The Lumintop PK21-T is another of their new releases. The capability to deliver over 1650 lumens up to a distance of 1200 meters makes the PK21-T a super bright flashlight. It runs on two 21700 Li-ion batteries and a luminous SFT40 LED.

The flashlight is already on the market. On Lumintop’s official website, it’s priced at $129.95. So you can order it from them or other suppliers. In the packet are one PK21-T and a manual. It's black, and the lens is glass with an anti-reflective coating. 

Balance in Size and Weight

An ideal flashlight must feature a proper balance between its size and weight. Well, Lumintop knows that very well, and they did implement the same knowledge in the PK21-T flashlight. With the battery included, it weighs only 375 grams/17.23oz. Its size measures 8 by 285 by 29 mm. With that size, it can fit inside your backpack and or toolbox. Such a small size and design make the flashlight ideal for a variety of tasks and occasions. Whether you're a professional or just an everyday user of a flashlight, this is the go-to flashlight. 

Optional Accessories 

If you have already bought the flashlight and would like to take its functionality to a new level, then this is for you. There’s a series of filter glasses sold separately that would redefine the color of the light coming out of your flashlight. They come in yellow, red, and green. Note that they don’t come with the flashlight, and to get one, you must pay some extra costs. 

Strike Bezel

This is another thing that makes the PK21-T special. The SS strike bezel is not only tough and corrosion resistant but also high temperature resistant. So it can be useful in glass breaking, self-defense, rescue operations, etc. So whenever you carry it around, especially in the dark, you're also sure of defending yourself in case of any security threats. 

Side Switch

For easy operations, the flashlight features a side switch that is easily accessible. To power ON the flashlight, you simply click the switch once. To switch it OFF,  press and hold for a second. Then two quick clicks take it to the Strobe/SOS mode. 

Two 21700 Li-ion Batteries

The flashlight operates on two rechargeable 21700 Li-ion batteries, which are sold separately. On the lowest setting, the batteries can power the flashlight for up to seven days on a single charge. You can get the batteries from the company or any nearby electronic outlet. They are popular, and you will not have a hard time getting them. 

More Specifications

  • Distance; the beams can travel upto a distance of 1200M
  • Intensity; 360000ca (Max)
  • Impact Resistance; it can resist any forces originating from up to a distance of  1.5m
  • Waterproof; it’s 1P68 and can stay underwater depth of 2m
  • Light Source; 1 X Luminus SFT40 LED
  • Power; 18 watts maximum
  • Battery; 2 X21700 Li-ion, button-top, max length 72mm (excluded)
  • Size; 68*29*258mm (head*tube*length)
  • Net Weight; it weighs 375 grams with the battery included.
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