Lumintop XO: All-new model 26650 LEP Zoom 1550 Metres Range Flashlight

Lumintop XO: All-new model 26650 LEP Zoom 1550 Metres Range Flashlight

A very appealing design on this new model fro Lumintop with it’s attractive luminous light pattern effects around the head and grooves, in various RGB colors (and Turbo glow bars).

It features a rugged body made from Titanium alloy in two finishes, a raw polished effect, and a sandblasted matt finish.

Running on a high capacity 5000mAh 26650 rechargeable Li-ion battery, the Lumintop XO can hit up to 450 lumens on Turbo, with a huge range of 1550 metres and with an additional 2 lower power levels and a strobe/police flashing mode.

By using a zoomable design on the head you can adjust the beam profile from 160 metres up to the furthest reach of 1550 metres,

A deep heatsink design helps to improve thermal management and ensure longer run times.Large side switch with battery level indicator built in, gives you quick and easy information about the cell capacity.

IP65 water resistance for use in all weather conditions, and it has been impact tested to 1 metre.Size of the Lumintop is 146.5mm x 40mm x 33.3mm (length x head x body diameter), with a weight of 290g (without battery).

3 Power levels with 2 Strobe modes and Adjustable Focus

LEP flashlights have a high intensity and far tighter hotspot compared to a traditional LED flashlight. This gives them the ability to reach much further into the distance and provide a cleaner illumination in the hot spot.

Simply rotate the head to adjust the beam concentration from a tight level which reaches up to 1550 meters (600,000cd), down to a wider one which has a range of 160 metres.

In addition to this there are 3 power levels, 450 lumens Turbo, 300 lumens High, and a low output of 130 lumens (ratings are in zoomed out position).Dual strobe with a standard strobe and police flashing mode.

It features a flat tail so you can stand it upright.Lumintop also have their well known UI and a large side switch, which is both intuitive and easy to remember, with shortcuts to Turbo (double press), Strobe, and a lock-out mode (4 clicks). You can also display the power level remaining too.

Usual safety measures are here too, reverse polarity protection, over discharge protection and low voltage cut off to ensure battery health.

It’s a wonderful looking flashlight with some genuinely useful feature, and built using top quality materials, which will give many years or reliable service.

Lumintop XO 26650 Key Features

> Zoom-able LEP Ultra long range flashlight up to 1550 metres range
> Choice of matt sandblasted or polished Titanium alloy body finish
> Candela up to 600,000cd beam
> Stunning Turbo Glow bars and RGB effects on body/head
> Size: 146.5mm x 40mm x 33.3mm (length x head x body diameter), with a weight of 290g (without battery)
> 3 Power levels 450 lumens, 300 lumens and 130 lumens
> Battery level check
> Up to 4 hours run time (low mode)
> Easy to use UI with lock-out and shortcuts
> Flat base for stable tail stand, lanyard attachment hole
> Takes 26650 rechargeable Li-ion battery
> 2 Strobe modes including standard strobe and police flashing mode
> IP65 water resistant rated and drop tested to 1 metre

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